Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trump: Mitt Romney is a 'small business guy'

Candy Crowley: "What makes you preferable to mitt Romney?"

Donald Trump: "Mitt Romney is basically a small business guy...he'd close companies and get rid of the jobs."


Pablo said...

The joy of the coming 2012 campaign is that Romney is going to be attacked by a bunch of clowns. Trump? Please keep that up, it only makes Romney look like the sane Republican. I was scrolling through some comments at a more progressive blog the other day and that comment came up over and over. Romney looks like a genius compared to the others.

So, yes, I hope Barbour keeps attacking Romneycare despite the fact that his state is the worst in the country at health care. I hope Bachmann gets in, and Palin, and Trump. Bring in Santorum and Cain. Bring on Newt.

And the in the end of the day the only half-way serious candidate to oppose Romney will be Pawlenty and he seems to want to be the 2008 pandering Romney. Then there is Huntsman who has no chance.

RW, I know that you posted this as an attempt to ding Romney, but it is not a ding.

Right Wingnut said...


It was not intended as a ding. I dislike Trump even more than I dislike Romney. The clip is relevent as it could be a sign of what's to come. How will Mitt respond if asked about it? Normally, he would probably ignore it, but if Trump continues to lead in the polls, a response will be needed.

ellie said...

...who did not take his companies to Bankruptcy, leaving investors holding the bag like Trump did - many times over.

BOSMAN said...


"but if Trump continues to lead in the polls"

I ONLY RECALL trump winning one national poll.

The PPP poll that some with more knowledge of polling than I, are questioning it's validity.

Right Wingnut said...


I've read that article, a don't disagree.

Why do you only question PPP's results in this instance? Moreover, why do folks in our party continue to give them credibility by posting their data?

CraigS said...

Trump has had 4 bankruptcies. What happened to those employees ?
Trump has had 4 wives ? What happened to those " employees?"
Donald Trump is the only guy who would get me to work seriously to re elect Obama. He is a poster child for ego mania and I cannot really believe we are spending one minute talking about this idiot. Only the fawning NY media must believe the BS this clown has been shoveling through them for a couple of decades.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I saw this last night and laughed. I agree with Pablo on this. Trump is a CLOWN and his 15 minutes willbeover soon enough.

He's reversed himself on so many things, especially regarding Obama.

I'm especially surprised Rush would court him as he does. I agree moe with Mark Levin when it comes to Trump.

Noelle said...

I was unable to watch the video in the post so I went to CNN and watched what I believe is the same video. A couple of things struck me.

First, Trump said Romney is a "small business guy," like that is not as good as Trump being a mogul. The vast majority of jobs in the US are in small businesses. Who better than a small business guy to know the needs, the challenges and the possibilities of small businesses than a small business guy? How many times did Trump declare bankruptcy again?

Second, Trump said that if Obama were a great president, that would be his first choice in 2012, rather than run himself. That tells me that Trump doesn't really have a problem with the core principles of the Democrat party, and is not really a Republican at all. I tend to think that Trump's purpose is to clear a path for Obama's re-election by dividing the opposition.

You may recall that I said before that I don't like to get overly negative toward potential GOP candidates because, after all, we are all on the same team, and our ultimate goal is the defeat of Obama. Trump has forced me into a position where I can't possibly get negative enough toward a potential GOP candidate. I really can't stand the guy.

There is one candidate that I love, and that's Romney. There are a couple that I find acceptable, a few I think are okay, but weak, one that I think is bad, and one that I think is the slime on the dung heap of politicians. Trump is the slime on the dung heap.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a chump...When he says romney's a small business guy, i didnt know if he was trying to insult him or criticize him. I laugh at trump if he thinks hes a better guy for the presidency. If trump enters the race, he would take the title of flip flopper away from romney.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Trump is out for Trump. Alway was, Always will be.

I don't think Noelle is too far off about trump sent in to muck up the GOP. He's always been a left of center guy.

The Media play's him up so they can brand the GOP as loons - ala Chris Matthews.

Anonymous said...

Trump is secretly working for the Liberals. Hes only in it to ruin the republican chances and divide the party

corep said...

this was my favorite part from the CNN write up on this interview-

Were he president, Mr. Trump said, he would force the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ major producers to lower oil prices—even though OPEC has no direct control over the price of oil—and would have invaded Libya “to take the oil” and not just to unseat leader Moammar Gadhafi.

When the CNN host, Candy Crowley, expressed dismay over the comment, Mr. Trump elaborated: “I’d take the oil. I’d give them plenty so they can live very happily. I would take the oil.”

He expressed nostalgia for “the old days, when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours.”

This dude is a NUT job of the first class. what does it say about the GOP supporters that he is even more than the cursory irrelevant glance that he deserves.

Revolution 2010 said...

I have a perfect come-back for Romney, but he's probably to much of a gentleman to use it.

"Bigger isn't always better. Besides, I have better hair!"

Anonymous said...

Trump does more harm to himself than good with his comments. who cares to hear him say his net worth is much larger than mitt romney? And he gave the "small businesses" something to think about.

Neferkheperre said...

Here I thought the Birthwacko business went to its appointed reward with our favorite Soviet whackadoodle, Orly Taitz. Nope. Our Lady of the Igloo had to throw in with Trump. Previously she refused any discussion at all. This pretty much dooms them both. And then we have Arizona. In 2012, we will decide who is the World's Biggest Idiot. I doubt if that will help lead the country. GOP needs to get serious.