Friday, April 1, 2011

Quote of the Day - Allen West: I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to castigate the Tea Party!

From The Right Scoop:
Wow! I am admittedly having trouble trying to enunciate the awesomeness of this speech. I’ve gone to the trouble of transcribing the entire speech for those of you who can’t watch it but to everyone else you must watch it. The transcription simply doesn’t do it justice. It may very well be one of the best speeches I have ever heard from Allen West.

Full transcript available at The Right Scoop


Right Wingnut said...

This one is equally as good. I could listen to this guy all day long.

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West At The Revolution / American Freedom Tour

OhioJOE said...

It is funny how they try to say that the TEA Party is racist. I have never been to an all White Tea Party yet. In fact I cannot remember a time when at least one of the speakers was not either an ethnic or religious minority.

Noelle said...

Allen West is creeping into first place on my list of potential VPs for my man Mitt Romney.

Romney/West 2012!

Right Wingnut said...


He's my first choice for Palin too. Rubio is a very close 2nd.

BOSMAN said...

I've been a fan of West since he entered the public spotlight. I can remember doing a thread at Ros on him and folks scratching their heads wondering, who is this guy.

No one is scratching their heads and wondering anymore.

I have NO DOUBT that he will be a Vice-Presidential or Presidential candidate some day.

hamaca said...

Great at giving speeches.
Could be good at debates--we've seen bit and pieces of his ability to mix it up with detractors.
Have we seen any interviews with the press?
Have we seen where he specifically stands on issues of national relevance that don't quite so neatly fall into liberal vs. conservative boxes?
Could (perceived?) lack of relevant experience be considered a liability at this point?

I'm only asking, because I like him as well and I haven't seen enough to know the answers or to have an opinion on those points.