Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan: The GOP Path to Prosperity; Update - Video Added

From The Wall Street Journal:
Congress is currently embroiled in a funding fight over how much to spend on less than one-fifth of the federal budget for the next six months. Whether we cut $33 billion or $61 billion—that is, whether we shave 2% or 4% off of this year's deficit—is important. It's a sign that the election did in fact change the debate in Washington from how much we should spend to how much spending we should cut.

But this morning the new House Republican majority will introduce a budget that moves the debate from billions in spending cuts to trillions. America is facing a defining moment. The threat posed by our monumental debt will damage our country in profound ways, unless we act.

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Update: The House Budget Committee has released the following video:


Pablo said...

Good job on this. I posted my post before I saw this one.

Right Wingnut said...

"Our budget cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president's budget over the next 10 years and puts the nation on track to pay off our national debt.."

Anonymous said...

Key to this entire debacle is at 1:17 of the video -- "we will cut spending." That is the explicit and singular cause of our fiscal problems ... period. Most politicians are not qualified to handle fiscal issues, particularly the Democrats who failed in the most fundamental of all financial planning -- creating a budget for this year. The solution is simple, cut spending -- cut all spending. The gov't is not getting anymore tax $ from me until they do, I guarantee it!

BOSMAN said...

I applaud Rep. Paul Ryan for recognizing the looming financial crisis that faces our nation and for the creative and bold thinking that he brings to the debate. He is setting the right tone for finally getting spending and entitlements under control. Anyone who has read my book knows that we are on the same page. ~Mitt Romney