Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Alaska Poll: Alaskans weigh in on Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, and Lisa Murkowski

Question: “Overall, would you say you have a favorable or an unfavorable opinion of former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller? …and is that very or just somewhat?”

Joe Miller:

6% Very favorable
12% Somewhat favorable
20% Somewhat unfavorable
53% Very unfavorable
9% Unsure

Question: “And what about former Governor Sarah Palin, would you say you
have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of her? …and is that very or
just somewhat?”

Sarah Palin:

13% Very favorable
23% Somewhat favorable
22% Somewhat unfavorable
39% Very unfavorable
3% Unsure

Question: “How would you rate the job Senator Lisa Murkowski is doing….would you say: excellent, good, not very good, or poor?”

Lisa Murkowski:

Excellent 16%
Good 55%
Not very good 15%
Poor 12%
Unsure 2%

Full Results are HERE.


Anonymous said...

screech screech screech........

ellie said...

Ouch. that hurt!

Anonymous said...

Let's see how C4P tries to spin this. Any potential candidate who cannot get the support of his/her home state should stay away from politics.

Romney 2012


Ellie said...

It's not a 'valid' poll, DD. ;)

Anonymous said...

Of course it's not a "valid" poll, the cult at C4P weren't allowed to vote over and over for hours on end. I actually feel sorry for the people who spend their entire day, seven days a week at C4P. Without C4P what would they have? It's clear they don't have a candidate, at least they have each other.

Romney 2012!