Thursday, April 21, 2011

NBC News: Trump 2012?

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" began its evening newscast last night with a program on Donald Trump and his 2012 presidential ambitions. What makes this piece unique is that Trump works for them in a sense that his show, "The Apprentice" airs on their network:

I'm glad that Trump's business dealings are coming out. I wouldn't expect to see a piece like this on the network that employs him. However, does NBC know something we don't? I don't follow this show, but I can't help but wonder if Trump and NBC, have had a talk already? Perhaps NBC has told him "The Apprentice" will not be renewed or perhaps he's told them that he's going to be busy? I wonder.


Noelle said...

I think I've made it abundantly clear that I don't like Trump. Allow me to point out a couple of things. First, the president of the United States is the servant of the people. Trump has no ability whatsoever to accept that anybody but himself calls the shots. He has a dictator mentality. Second, a good leader gives credit to his people when things go well, and takes responsibility when thing go poorly. In that interview Trump refused to accept any responsibility for problems, even when he was the chairman of the board and he was accepting a huge salary for his "intellect." But he had no responsibility? I seriously do not understand why anybody would support Trump.

BOSMAN said...


I Love it!

Revolution 2010 said...

If Trump as is smart as HE THINKS, he would see that the more people see him, the more THEY LEARN, and the less they like.

Anonymous said...

He needs to really study the issues if he runs. You can only go so far with birth certificate/ china