Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mystery scars on President Obama's head - has the President had brain surgery?

He has been plagued with questions and doubts concerning his background throughout his first term as President.
Questions like - is Barack Obama actually American? Is he a Muslim? Is he actually an alien from another planet? - have frequently been asked.
The next question circulating on the internet - has President Obama had brain surgery?
President Obama meeting comedian George Lopez as the First Lady looks on. Some observers believe this image shows a distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery.
The 'scar' seen from another angle. One blogger says the surgery might explain why the President has, on occasion, got lost speaking without a teleprompter
The full story is HERE.

The Right Speak investigation team has gained access to a photo that could perhaps clear things up. A photo was uncovered that could indicate that up until President Obama's public life began, he might have had the head of a an internal twin protruding through his skull.

That photo can be viewed HERE.

Can there be any other explanation? Where's The Donald?


Socrates said...

One got the looks, The other the brain.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, Bos! Brain surgery? Right! :)


Anonymous said...

I know what that scar is. That's the entrance where the alien crawls out. You see, Obama's human form is a shell. The alien creature lives inside. If you look real close at the picture you can see a zipper.


Ellie said...

Its from his encounter with the aliens.

sam said...

His horns were removed for aesthetic reasons.

C4Trump said...


Anonymous said...

That is not a labotomy scar! We all know that Obama grew Trig in his head and that is the birth scar.

Anonymous said...

his birth certificate is in there

Anonymous said...

Actually, the scar is from a hair transplant that he gave to Trump to save Trump's life.

ellie said...

Now danL, let's not start rumors ;)

Anonymous said...


"That is not a labotomy scar! We all know that Obama grew Trig in his head and that is the birth scar."

I knew you'd come around.


Revolution 2010 said...


to bad we got Barry Obama instead of Al.

At least Al would have had more business experience.

Matt "MWS" said...

Whatever it is, I'm sure Trump will be talking about it soon.

Closer To Home said...

These are scars sustained in the Mau Mau Revolution, proving he's a Kenyan, which is good news for Huck.