Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mitt Romney: On The Record (04-25-11 VIDEO)

Mitt Romney sat down with Greta Van Susteren last night. Topics included the Price of Gasoline, China's Economy vs U.S., His business background as it applies to the Presidency, birther issue, Illegal Immigration, 09 Stimulus Bill, Obama's job performance, inspiring those who have lost hope:

Take away quote:

"The President says he's about winning the future. Well, people are losing the present."

The full Transcript can be read HERE.


larry said...

I think Romney is the best of all the candidates at controlling the interviews.

Greta does her best at throwing bombs at him hoping he'll bite. Romney turns them into opportunities to make the points that he wants.

bob said...

Great interview.

He's sounding very forceful and confident.

Noelle said...

As always, Romney was very impressive.

Mitt 2012

ConMan said...

I thought this was his best interview this year.

I agree, he approached it with a no nonsense attitude.

He really took control away from Greta.

Anonymous said...

Mitt handles interviews the way he says you manage a crisis - focus, focus, focus. She couldn't get him off track with the Trump nonsense, and Mitt came out looking like a gentleman.