Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mark Larson Show: Mitt Romney (entire interview - Audio)

Mitt Romney spoke at length Wednesday on the Mark Larson Show and discussed a variety of issues. To listen to the interview, do the following:

  1. RIGHT CLICK the audio bar below. 
  2. Choose, Open link in New Window. 
  3. Another audio bar will appear. Romney's interview starts at 5:00 minutes into the show. You can move the ball approximately 1/4 inch to the right to go directly to the Romney segment.

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Noelle said...

I for one appreciate you posting this kind of thing. Because I live in Kentucky, and our primary is so late in the calendar, we don't get the attention that other states get.

As far as the interview, I thought Mitt did great, as I always do.

I realize that I come to it with a bias in Romney's favor. I think supporters of any candidate thinks their guy (or gal) does well. After all, we have already accepted that candidate's message. I would really be interested in hearing what people think who are undecided, or even supporters of other candidates who are not already excessively biased against Mitt.

One thing I think is that Mitt is almost too gentlemanly in his treatment of Trump, but then again, if Mitt talked about Trump the way I would, he would not be the man he is, and I may not support him. Mitt brings as much or more class and grace to the race than any other potential candidate. And that doesn't even get into his resume, which is very impressive.

Revolution 2010 said...

Great interview.
Calm, informative, ready to talk about any topic with authority.

Very Presidential

Anonymous said...

I don't find him calm, just aloof and soul-less. He's the guy that takes over the company you work for and fires most of you, sells the company for more $ and then pockets the change.