Saturday, April 23, 2011

Intrade: 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

I have only included Intrade's TOP 10 Picks as of 04-22-11. I posted the Intrade Top 10 back on April 15th as well. I was curious to see if THE MONEY was buying the Trump hype. IT'S NOT! He's actually gone down since last week.

 To view the intrade specifics on any particular candidate, RIGHT CLICK the photo below. Choose, "Open Link in New Window:


Convicts4Huck said...

I'm sure that the Reverend has the support of the incarcerated and formally incarcerated.

The man has a heart full of forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Smart money is on Romney!


Revolution 2010 said...

The more people look at Trump and his past, the more his chances of having a viable candidacy diminish.