Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frank Luntz calls out Donald Trump

Here is a video of Frank Luntz on Your World with Neil Cavuto (substitute host):

There are several things I like about this video. First, he calls out Donald Trump. Luntz indicates, contrary to what the host says, that Trump is NOT a straight shooter, and he bets $10,000 that Trump will not run for president. Luntz points out that what Trump says, and the way he lives are not consistent.

He refers to the following potential GOP candidates as "straight shooters."

1. Paul Ryan (not running)

2. Chris Christie (not running)

3. Mitt Romney

4. Newt Gingrich

The one I disagree with is Newt Gingrich. Gingrich may be a smart guy and he may know policy, but he has more than one problem. His commercial with Nancy Pelosi on climate change was a bad call, and worse, and his affair while trying to take down Clinton demonstrates a lack of integrity.


BOSMAN said...

Hi Noelle,

Great Interview and Luntz has Trump's number.

Trump is BAD for the Republican party and I agree with whoever first said on this site that Trump is NOTHING MORE than an OBAMA SHILL!

I have the Krauthammer interview posting at mid-night. Krauthammer was on O'Reilly tonight and has Trump's number as well.

Noelle said...

I was watching that, but we're having severe weather, and the Krauthammer interview was interrupted by a tornado warning. Looking forward to seeing the complete video.

And thanks for fixing my video Bosman.

Anonymous said...

Noelle- hope all is well! This is the craziest spring I can remember.


Noelle said...

Thankfully I don't live anywhere near the river, so we are safe from any real flood damage, but the houses on the river are all flooded. In a few more rural towns there are levies that have been compromised, and there are a couple of towns that are threatened with being completely flooded, and have already been evacuated. I really hope this rain stops soon. My mental health is starting to be affected.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Noelle, Are you in the midwest somewhere? Im in south missouri and worried about the rising water. Its flooded my neighbors houses and creeping inland towards mine.

Doug NYC GOP said...
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Doug NYC GOP said...

Great comments by Luntz.

Romney is indeed a straight shooter. Successful businessman, husband, father, missionary, community leader and FULL TERM GOVERNOR, who has been out there since 2008. Books, interviews, speeches, op=eds, fundraising, social media, endorsements...doing the yeoman's work, with a TRUE servant's heart, w/o the backing or even at hat tip from the over-inflated Talk Radio egoists

Noelle said...

I'm in Kentucky, in the Ohio River area. We made it through the night, and have fared much better than some other communities. My prayers are with those who are suffering from flood or tornado damage.