Monday, April 25, 2011

Donald Trump the Hypocrite

Donald Trump said this in an interview with the DesMoines Register:
"I will not do anything to enhance the chances of Barack Obama being president, and that includes running as an independent," he said by telephone.
That in itself sounds like a great statement from someone who is loyal to the party he hopes to represent. BUT WAIT, the interview isn't over yet:
 "So the only way I would run as an independent would be if the polls show I couldn't lose," he said. "But even that scares me, because anything can happen.".....

......He also said, "If I ran as an independent and didn't win, Barack Obama would win by a landslide because I would take almost all these votes away from the Republicans."
NO S#@T Donald!

To listen to the interview, click the audio bar below:


Anonymous said...

Lol, great picture. Trump and Huck should be on a ticket together (preferably to Mogadishu). Can you imagine the lifelong counseling that would be required by babies kissed by that face (or the two face Huck picture I used a while back). And the halitosis...double mint gum would not be enough. Give each of them a box of Altoids for each speaking engagement. And provide gas masks to everyone in the front row at their rallies.

Revolution 2010 said...

Does this guy ever think before he opens his mouth?

I've heard of flip-flops, but not in the same conversation.

Ann said...

That photo his horrible.
Yet it well suits Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

He's never looked so good.
Must be the hair.


Ming said...

Even though he isn't the first person in the US started the "Birther" battle, Trump is no doubt the biggest hypocrite and loser on the planet embarrassing himself. Now that the White House has just released the long-version of Obama's birth certificate, I hope Trump can learn something from the ostrich - burying his balding head in the sand and shutting up his big mouth. Since day one, I find it disgusting, demeaning, hypocritic and silly to watch some Americans doubting and questioning the birthplace of an incumbent US President after he had already been a Senator for so many years and a President for so many months. I was embarrassed and heartbroken as a Chinese American to witness an American President being attacked not because of how he runs the country but of where he was born. This small group of American citizens didn't realize that everyone in other parts of the world is watching them dissing their own elected leader. It's a shame.