Sunday, April 24, 2011

Donald Trump: Had enough?

NYC board: Trump skipped 21 years of primaries

Iowa activists not sold on Trump caucus campaign

Donald Trump Phones In To Challenge Eliot Spitzer On Net Worth Speculation:

The Donald trumped on abortion question?
........The exchange (pertains to video below) was reminiscent of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s response to a similar question during the 2008 presidential campaign. In one of a series of interviews with CBS News’ Katie Couric that were widely seen as damaging to Palin’s image, the vice presidential nominee was asked: “Do you think there's an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution?” Palin responded, “I do. Yeah, I do.”
Given that the Supreme Court used the “right to privacy” reasoning as the foundation for the Roe ruling, anti-abortion activists and candidates have long insisted no such right exists......

Donald Trump's bankruptcies whittle away at his reputation as a great businessman
TV star and developer Donald Trump tells his Tea Party followers the nation needs a President who is a "winner, not a loser" - and he's just the guy for the job.
What he doesn't talk about is a recurring pattern of Trump companies filing for bankruptcy to dodge creditors and distance him from business failure.
The full tory is HERE.


Anonymous said...

The Democrats have to be really laughing at us with this former Democrat....liberal...RINO...?

larry said...

How does Fox News justify giving this bum a regular slot each Monday on their Morning Show.

He's asked questions related to a Presidential run, etc.

How is this fair to other potential candidates?