Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donald Trump? Are you Serious?

Here is a guy that is going after the birther vote and has a SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL of getting the Republican nomination or winning a general election.

What kind of publicity would he bring to the debates? Birther questions? I'm not worried about Republicans seeing Trump for what he is, but what about Independents that we're trying to groom for the general. Will they think we're the party of the loons for even seriously considering this man?

He has already stated that he is willing spend hundreds of millions to get elected and it was reported in the video that follows, that he would not rule out the posibility of a third party run. Which sounds to me like he's already creating a possible sour grapes scenario should he decide to take the leap.

Well Donald, WHO WOULD A third party run hurt, The Republican nominee or President Obama?

I already know the answer. I'm sure he does as well.

Fast forward to the 6:00 minute mark for the third party comment

Perhaps a Donald Trump candidacy would be exactly what Obama needs.

On a humorous note related to the above, I found this video:


Anonymous said...

Trump / Pelosi tn 2012!

larry said...

On Fox News yesterday, he said in an interview that he felt that he could be the Tea Party candidate. That they had a lot in common.

I think most people know he's a little out there.

sam said...

Trump has been so cozy with Democrats over the years, that maybe he is in the tank for Obama.

Here is someone who lost a fortune in the casino business had had the Government bail him out. He's built his new wealth on Government money.

Right Wingnut said...

Sam, you might be on to something there. He also donated $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign.

Trump is starting to bug me more and more each day.

He actually admitted that he has investigators working to dig up dirt in Hawaii.

It's fine if he wants to have someone do some digging - I'm sure Hillary and others have done the same. But, unless you find something good, shut the hell up about it.

Carlo said...

Which Donald do you get if he were President?

The one who lost his fortune on bad casino deals?


The one who made his second fortune on Government monies?

DanL said...

Trump is a favorite of Tea Partiers.

"A full fifth (20%) of Tea Party supporters broke for Trump in the poll, while 17% went for Romney, 12% backed Huckabee, and 12% supported Palin."

Ellie said...

I lump the Donald into the 'vanity' candidate category. I truly think he thinks he can do his 'celeb apprentice' show from the oval office. I can just see it now. I don't think Trump understands this is a real job, with real responsibilities. It's not a reality show, or the Miss America pageant that runs for 4 years non stop. (He own the Miss America franchise).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Miss America, Donald Trump is a real creeper. Have you noticed how utterly raunchy it has become under his watch? Sure, it was already on the line, but now it's just flat out pornographic. It's all about ratings--morality and decency can go to hades.

I'll be adding Trump to my now way in H. category. He's making us look like fools.


Revolution 2010 said...

I have one question for Trump:

Was your hair born in America?