Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dick Morris and Donald Trump

There is one guy who thinks Donald Trump can win the GOP nomination. Sorry Donald, not good news for you.
“I think he has a good shot at the nomination,” says former Clinton adviser Dick Morris. “Ten or 12 years ago, when he flirted with it, he wasn’t that serious. I’m hearing from people in the business that he’s serious.”
The GOP establishment isn’t happy about it. Even Bill O’Reilly mocked Trump’s assertions, and aside from Morris — who thinks the birther talk “is within the foul lines” — everyone else who spoke with The Post thinks it’s a major tactical mistake.
One stupid man praising another stupid man.

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Bill589 said...

"One stupid man praising another stupid man."

That's exactly how I see it.

Yet I've read that somehow the GOP has earned itself the title, ‘the stupid party'. Something about hurting itself throughout the years.

Morris has been getting worse since I’ve started following/studying politics over the last two years. Anybody who thinks he really has something to offer, I would say IMO, ‘You don’t know Dick.’

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of how utterly tone-deaf Morris can be.