Saturday, April 2, 2011

Colorado Republicans Straw Poll: Mitt Romney 1st, Mike Huckabee 10th

Last weekend Colorado Republicans huddled at their annual Centennial Dinner and took a presidential election straw poll.
“We thought it would be fun tonight with this crowd of prominent Republican leaders from all parts of our state to have a poll,” Wadhams said before sending ballot-collectors into the crowd.

The poll was open-ended — a slip of paper with a blank where Republicans could write in any candidate’s name — and left a few voters at a loss. “Who’s even running?” asked one Republican as ballot-collectors neared.

Top Ten Vote Getters:

Mitt Romney 79
Michelle Bachmann 38
Tim Pawlenty 34
Mitch Daniels 27
Chris Christie 26
Donal Trump 28
Sarah Palin 20
Newt Gingrich 19
Herman Cain 13
Mike Huckabee 12

Also receiving votes were former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Fox News host Glenn Beck and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, among others.

The complete story is here.


BOSMAN said...

What mekes this poll even more interesting is that people had to take the extra effort and write out their choices name rather than some type of check-off from a list.

They should have called it a "Write-In" Straw Poll.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee in last place, is surprising.

Dave said...

Mitt won Colorado last time. He'll win it again.