Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best video ever: Eat the rich

In the video above, Bill Whittle explains why taking money from the rich won't work as a way to solve the fiscal crisis. It's really entertaining, I wish it could be turned into a campaign ad. He goes through how much money the US needs and how much money the corporations, billionaires etc has, and how even if all that money were to be confiscated, it still wouldn't be enough.

Please send it to all your leftist friends. I remember when the Swedish Taxpayer Association published a similar report before the election last year, stating that even if we were to confiscate all the salaries of those making more than $200 000 a year, it would only be enough to finance our welfare state for about two weeks (the leftists had promised to only raise taxes for those who earned above the equivalent of $200 000 a year).


BOSMAN said...

Great video John!

As Mitt Romney would say, "Facts are stubborn things".

sam said...

Assuming the figures used are correct, a very good video.

John said...

Wasn't that John Adams who said that? Or was John Adams just quoting Romney? ;)