Sunday, March 6, 2011

WMUR: Mitt Romney interview (03-05-11 Video)

In an exclusive interview, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney spoke with WMUR's Adam Sexton Saturday as he considers another run for the White House.

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To view Mitt Romney's address last night at the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in New Hampshire, go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Great interview and GREAT SPEECH last night.

The actual speech was much longer than those videos. I hope the entire speech becomes available.

It appears Romney is getting better at explaining the difference between Obamacare and his plan and why Obama's needs to be repealed.


Revolution 2010 said...

I also thought Romney did great last night.

He seems to be more at ease now pointing out the difference between his plan and Obamas.

there are things he would do differently if he could and that the plan is not perfect.

phil said...

Great interview. I hope we start to see more of this in the NEAR future.

Anonymous said...

Good interview, devoid of cliched, tired talking points.

Poised, relaxed and ready.


ConMan said...

I thought it was a good interview as well. He was clear on his intentions for Obamacare. He did a good job putting distance between the programs as well.