Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Palin is More Appealing Than Romney

I have written plenty of negative articles about Palin in the old ROS days. I also wrote one or two favorable blogs on her. I still think that she has major flaws, but I also believe she has serious strengths worth considering.

First, she's a fighter. Her critics condemn her judgment in the fights she engages in. That is not my concern for today's argument. I am convinced that a President Palin would fight doggedly for those issues that she believes in. I can't for a minute imagine her having the jello spine that George W. Bush had. I am sure that she would make the most use possible of the presidential bully pulpit to denounce democrat's propoganda, backroom deals, and unethical procedural votes. And I am also convinced that if elected, she would surround herself with smart, capable advisors who would keep her on the straight and narrow, avoiding gaffes much more adroitly than she has on her own.

I really, really don't see Romney as a fighter. Let's face it, when he ran for Senator and Governor of MA he told them what he thought they wanted to hear. Then, when he ran for president in 2008, he needed to appeal to a different contingency and he totally changed his tune. It just can't be denied. I do believe that his conversion to pro life is sincere and would last if he were elected president. I give him the benefit of the doubt on his flip on Cap and Trade. But he just doesn't give the impression of a fighter.

Second, Palin doesn't pander. Sure, she is a fire breather and stokes the Tea Party flames. But she hasn't tried to remake herself into a hero for some other, diametrically opposed interest group. Unlike Romney who was for socially liberal ideologies in the 90s, then was opposed to them in 2008. I could never imagine Palin talking about bling to a bunch of black kids the way Romney did. I can't envision Palin doing a 180 on abortion. Palin is Palin whether she is in Iowa or Florida. If her brand doesn't sell in Florida, at least she won't try to remake herself to suit the situation.

Third, Palin holds to her convictions. She may be wrong at times, but she doesn't change her core beliefs to fit her current campaign. Has she changed her mind? Of course, what politician hasn't. But show me where she has changed her most strongly held beliefs, like drilling, defense, immigration, etc. For every change that Palin has made, I bet we could find half a dozen that Romney has made.

Moving on, let me say how distasteful I find the ongoing attacks on her from the right to be. She has as much of a right to run as any other American. She has a significant following of adoring fans. They have as much of a right to see her get her chance as any other group of devotees out there. We don't live in Iran where the polls are rigged. Let her have her chance. Let her debate. If she succeeds then give her credit, if she fails, then just move on graciously. We really, really need to let her have a fair chance in campaigning. If she is as big of a disaster as her detractors claim she is, then she will wash out. If she is the second coming of Reagan, then she can succeed on her merits. But this argument needs to be worked out in a campaing and in the voting booths so that all sides can get over this and move on.

Finally, it is very unlikely that a repbulican will beat Obama in 2012. Palin is polling terribly against Obama in almost every poll. She may lose many more states than Romney would, but they both are likely to lose to Obama. But what is there to fear in letting her have her chance? Both paths are likely to lead to a loss. If she fails in the debates or on the stump, just graciously move on. Chances are that the majority of Americans will recognize failure when they see it, even if the C4P crowd can't. If she succeeds, then praise her for it. But stop giving ammo to the Palin supporter's claims of your having PDS.


Noelle said...

Why do you ask people to allow Palin to run? No one can stop her from running, that is completely her choice.

I agree that there are too many attacks directed toward Palin, both from the right and from the left. I personally like her, but could not support her for president at this time.

I hope you are wrong that Obama can't lose in 2012. That is only true if the Republicans continue to beat up on each other and refuse to unite.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I am just tired of the attacks from person like Ellie. I like Ellie, she just drives me nuts in her obsession over Palin. But I believe that there are anti-Palin persons who really, really, do not want her to even run. They would rather that she be stopped before announcing a campaign. I don't know if that describes Ellie, but I have my strong suspicions.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I also hope that I am wrong about Obama winning in 2012. But historically, I believe that I am right on the money.

No I'm not Ellie said...

I'm a Romney fan and I WANT PALIN to run more than any other candidate other than Romney.

She makes Romney look even better than he is.

OhioJOE said...

Haha, is this the DanL of old? What caused this quasi-change of heart? On a side note, while Mr. Romney may not be a fighter, he is loyal to his camp. That is a double edge sword. It is good when picking judges, but not so good on certain economic issues. I certainly hope she runs; I believe the chances of this happening are about 60 to 65%. She will see who is in the race and then decide whether to run.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I still would rather vote for Romney. And I do still find many things about Palin to be difficult to swallow. I am just trying to give her a fair shake.

John said...

A good post DanL. I know we fight quite a bit but this post was good. Credit where credit is due. :)

BOSMAN said...

I agree the personal attacks are unnecessary.

I do believe however that if a potential candidate exhibits certain actions and qualities that some may deem UN-PRESIDENTIAL, then it's not a personal attack to point these things out.

Anonymous said...

Bosman that is true. And I have done a lot of it with Palin and Huckabee.

Pablo said...

Dan, I hardly ever disagree with you but on this one I do.

1. I don't want a fighter. I want someone who can work with the Democrats. The national debt will not, and I repeat, will not go down without bipartisan support from Republicans and Democrats. It is going to take brave men from both sides of the aisle to deal with entitlements.

2. All Sarah Palin does is pander to the tea party. Everything that comes out of her mouth is designed to elicit a favorable response from that demographic. She panders because she wants to make money and be in the limelight.

3. Does Palin have convictions? Maybe, but it is hard to tell because 75% of the things that come out of her mouth are populist crap like how bad the media is and how Sarah Palin is a victim. When she does speak about actual policy it is usually in vague generalities like cutting taxes and sticking it to the good ole boys in Washington.

4. I will not cease from criticizing Palin because I care about the future of conservatism and Palin would kill it. She is one of the most divisive, unqualified, and ignorant Republican leaders that has ever graced the national stage. And the fact that she could end up as the nominee should frighten us.

5. The last post I wrote was a positive post about Palin and her drug policies. But frankly, there is not a lot I can write positively about her.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I also disagree with you about Palin. I thought about even writing a post, but honestly, I don't think she's even going to run.

I think some people don't want her to run for the reason Pablo pointed out--she actually could win the nomination somehow, and then where would we be? I want her to run, and have said so many times. I think it's the only way for the GOP to move past her.

I don't want a POTUS who needs their hand held every day for 4 years.

If you give me a choice between the petty little man or the diva, I'll choose the Huckster 1000 times over. And you know how I feel about him.

So, I guess in other words, I see very little that Palin could possibly offer. In fact, I think she's rather destructive to our cause most of the time.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I appreciate this post and I am really surprised you didn't receive more vitriol for writing it. Once again I find Pablo completely lacking any interest in knowledge and that is a shame because I used to enjoy conversing with him but he has went off the deep end with his anti-Palin remarks that I cannot even address him for fear that his ignorance would run off on me. I truly find it amazing that intelligent Republicans are allowing the left to define who our nominee should be.


Anonymous said...


"1. I don't want a fighter. I want someone who can work with the Democrats. The national debt will not, and I repeat, will not go down without bipartisan support from Republicans and Democrats. It is going to take brave men from both sides of the aisle to deal with entitlements."

There is one little problem with this, Democrats don't want to work with Republicans. They want to crush us. Haven't you seen Obama, Pelosi, Reid and company in action for the last four years? Their idea of working together is for Republicans to flush their beliefs and ideas down the toilet and agree with them. I am frankly tired of spineless Republicans rolling over just so they can get along with these people. I hope whomever the next President is will fight for what Conservatives and Republicans believe in.