Monday, March 7, 2011

Students for Mitt Romney is gaining a following

With less than a year until the Iowa Caucuses, the battle’s already brewing between college political groups on the right.

Students for Mitt Romney, founded by Vanderbilt junior Garrett Sweitzer, is off to a hot start. Since CPAC, the group has spread to 33 schools.
The full story is here.


BOSMAN said...

As a former member of YAF (Young American's For Freedom) when there weren't too many of us, I'm glad to see Students getting involved in the promotion of a man whom I feel will make a GREAT President.

ConMan said...

I'd say these young men and women have EXCELLENT TASTE!

Ann said...

I'm happy to learn that some students do more than than just partying at colleges these days.

bob said...

Good for them.