Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Nuggets From The Gold Mine of Dick Morris

Dick Morris has finally figured out how to improve his shoddy record of prognosticating.
His involvement in Libya makes him responsible if Gaddafi stays in power and slaughters his own people and/or renews his connections with international terrorism. Obama will be equally responsible should Gaddafi be toppled and an Iraqi-style civil war erupts between his deposed supporters and the new government.  As General Powell said “you break it, you own it.”
That is fantastic! There is absolutely nothing Obama can do that will not bring mayhem to mankind. I suppose that Dick might argue that perhaps Obama shouldn't have intervened in Libya in the first place. The only problem is that Dick scolded the President for not intervening quickly enough. Morris is just covering all of his bases.

March 18, three days before Dick pulled a New Gingrich.
Where is Barack Obama? Is he still in office? As he jets off with his family for a taxpayer-paid vacation in Rio, does he realize the world is falling apart around him?

Does he understand that he could have stopped the bloodshed in Libya by declaring a no fly zone three weeks ago and that if he does it now, he can still stop a brutal dictator from murdering thousands more?
Then there was this brilliant piece form Morris about how the GOP needs to cut foreign aid. Morris, of course, doesn't want to cut all aid (Israel, you are safe). Only the insignificant parts. Foreign aid is about one percent of the federal budget and Morris only wants to cut about 30 percent of foreign aid. He would cut more but he wouldn't want to offend his Fox News viewers by slicing into Israel's share.

Let's do this instead. Let's not cut foreign aid at all and instead worry about the portions of the federal budget that are more than the loose change that has fallen into the cracks of Uncle Sam's couch.

I write about Dick Morris because he is being pushed as some kind of "analyst" on Fox News and within the conservative movement. Yet, he is almost always dead wrong. It's high time that he is exposed for the worthless sham that he is. I know that intelligent people who read this post are already aware of Dick's power play to the Tea Party. But just maybe it might awaken the senses in some previously brainwashed Fox News viewer that Morris' main objective in life is to sell as many books as possible. 

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Anonymous said...

He is a worthless soul. Dick morris, thats why your named Dick.

BOSMAN said...


Morris is nothing but a self-serving slime bag.
He's not worth getting worked up over. Especially when most people don't care what he has to say.

A more fun post might have been, In all of the interviews related to your piece above, HOW MANY (total combined) times did he plug his website and book?

Right Wingnut said...

Actually, a more fun post would be "Why was Obama partying it up in Rio, while the bombs rained down or Libya," or "Where is Code Pink?" I say that because I can't recall a time when you criticized Obama or liberals in general. Every post has a Republican in the cross-hairs.

As far as Morris goes, I could take him or leave him, but he's not the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, It bothers me also that FOX gives the sleaze the time of day. I don't get it. He has nothing to offer, and is the most annoying person on TV as far as I'm concerned. He never does anything to change my opinion--year after year after year.

I couldn't stand him long before he ever mentioned Romney's Mormon problem a bazillion times. Now I can't stand him even more.


Bill589 said...

IMO: Morris appears more and more clueless as time goes by. I don’t see him as evil, as I do Rove, but just not worth much.

Pablo - RW has a point. I hope you find plenty of faults with the Obama administration and the Left in general.

Pablo said...

"Actually, a more fun post would be "Why was Obama partying it up in Rio, while the bombs rained down or Libya," or "Where is Code Pink?" I say that because I can't recall a time when you criticized Obama or liberals in general. Every post has a Republican in the cross-hairs."

First, those would be ridiculous posts. I have NO PROBLEM that Obama took a trip to Latin America. That is what presidents are supposed to do. It was very much needed as US-Latin American relations are not the best right now.

Second, we could sit around all day and criticize the Left all day, but then we would be just like Red State - thoughtless partisan who do not advance the conversation. In my view, I want to speak to conservatives, not liberals. I am concerned with how the conservative movement is advancing and so I have opinion of how it needs to change. One of these ways is by pointing out the faults of the Fox News/Tea Party cabal.

Third, the interesting thing is that in the post I argued for an ACTUAL REDUCTION IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, as opposed to what Dick Morris was arguing for --- cutting foreign aid (one percent of the federal budget). If we are to define conservative by who wants to cut more government, then I win, because Morris has already made it clear that entitlements are not to be touched.

Pablo said...

By the way, RW. I know why you are not against Dick Morris -- because Morris likes Palin. That is how you filter the world. But I hardly think that you should be criticizing me for criticizing Republicans. Especially since you have spent the past month posting anti-Romney posts. Which, by the way, I have enjoyed reading. I thought that most of them were factual. But I love hearing you talking about Chris Christie and Bill O'Reilly (or any other figure who has criticized Palin). You should probably think about that before you get on to me for my opinions regarding the Fox News/Tea Party cabal.

Right Wingnut said...

By the way, RW. I know why you are not against Dick Morris -- because Morris likes Palin. That is how you filter the world


I have been watching Morris for about 10 years. I had a higher opinion back then (Pre-Palin) than I do now. I think he's interesting to liten to sometimes, but I take it with a grain of salt, because there's usually a political motive. Same thing with Karl Rove. Your comment about looking at everything through Palin is ridiculous.

My main point is that you constantly defend liberals and liberal positions, while attacking conservatives. That's fine, many in Republican party irritate the hell out of me too, but the true enemy of liberty currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As to my Romney posts (and Bos' and Doug's Palin posts), I see that as entertainment. I hope others see it for what it is. But, neither Romney or Palin is the enemy.

DanL said...

Pablo is doing the right thing by trying to police our side. We need millions more republicans to rise up and do the same thing.

"...the true enemy of liberty currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

So very true. It seems that this is the perpetual seat of evil in this nation as every president in my 39 years of life has been an enemy of liberty, including Reagan who gave us the warfare state. I really don't believe that Obama is the enemy of liberty, nor do I believe that Reagan furthered America's liberties one whit, he only helped liberty in Eastern Europe, but at the expense of my children's liberty as they are crushed by the exploding debt created from his defense budgets and the sacred cow status he assigned to defense spending.

Anonymous said...

In the last go-round in 08, dickie morris (little D for a reason) used the anti-mo jo a lot when commenting. He was a huckles dude (still little D), and brought up Mitts' faith at every opportunity.

Revolution 2010 said...

When MorrASS is on, I switch channels!

larry said...

Morris reminds me of the character Eddie Haskell on the Leave it to Beaver re-runs.