Friday, March 11, 2011

Romney's Dream Primary Foes

Romney is a weak frontrunner who may flop once the race gets started. However, is this going to be his competition?

Michelle Bachmann
Newt Gingrich
Jon Hunstman
Haley Barbour
Tim Pawlenty
Rick Santorum
Godfather's pizza guy (his name doesn't really matter)
The former governor of LA (his name doesn't really matter)

If this is the case, then we have a Romney-Pawlenty race. I don't understand why Daniels, Christie, or Bush do not take a second look at this. There is room for them. As a Romney supporter, you really have to look at this list and do a double take after praising the Good Lord for making it possible.

Some questions:

Does the fact that Pawlenty would be Romney's only real competition help or hurt Romney? It helps him, but it also helps Pawlenty.

Does Romney need Palin to run in order to scare the establishment into supporting Romney?


Right Wingnut said...

Much of the "establishment" is thinking Jeb 2016 right now.

Pablo said...


Jeb would be my first choice. However, don't think that the establishment doesn't want to win now.

Right Wingnut said...

Pablo, I'm convinced that many in the Bush camp would be willing to sacrifice 2012 to get Jeb elected in 2016. These people don't always think like you and I.

Noelle said...

Anybody who is willing to sacrifice 2012 does not deserve to be president. We need to get headed back down the right path and NOW.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, I'm not convinced Daniels isn't running yet. In a Romney/Daniels/Pawlenty race, who do you think comes out on top?

Huck and Palin seem less likely to run at this point, but if Huck sits out, Palin may be more inclined to go for it. Of course, Bachman making all the noise makes it harder.


Anonymous said...

Romney/Pawlenty--I just don't think Pawlenty could gather enough excitement to overcome Romney's head start.

Do you think Barbour is running to stop Huck? He could skim off just enough support in the south to make things difficult for Huck--bless his heart.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think Romney is quite strong. It's rare to find a man or woman that has his skill set, experience, background, family values all rolled into one. No newt type skelletons, no palin like family 'values'. No huckiechuckies.

BOSMAN said...

If those are the choices, It will come down to the TWO BEST KNOWN, Romney and Gingrich. This off course would be ideal. Gingrich has more baggage than the lost and found at Logan Airport.

Anonymous said...

If neither Huck nor Palin runs, then I believe that Pawlenty would get a lot of those votes. I believe that if Huck doesn't run he will endorse Pawlenty. And I believe that most of the anybody-but-Romney folks will gravitate towards Pawlenty. I don't think that Gingrich will win, but I didn't think that McCain had a chance in 2008.

I am firmly convinced that Obama will win in 2012. And I am sure that folks like Christie and Daniels know that too. So why would they waste the time and money running a grueling campaign in this go around?

Granny T said...

Vander Platts is pretty sure Huckabee will be running.

Vander Plaats: “If you’re saying Huckabee’s not going to run, I think you’re nuts”

It looks like both Huckabee and Palin are seriously considering a run.

Palin and Huckabee sent aides to RNC meeting on 2012

Lori said...

I don't think those other guys should be jumping into the race because "there's room for them". If they do get it in, it must be because they think the country needs their skills and they have what it takes to pull a nation out of the Obama abyss.

Whether there is room or not.

Socrates said...

"Does Romney need Palin to run in order to scare the establishment into supporting Romney?"

Bachmann will do if Palin is unavailable.

Pablo said...

"In a Romney/Daniels/Pawlenty race, who do you think comes out on top?"

There is no way of knowing. Daniels seems to be testing the threshold of the conservative movement. He may never be able to overcome his propensity to tell the truth.

Pawlenty has the potential of going farther, but can he overcome Romney? Maybe. I just don't know.