Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pew Research: Who Republicans would vote for in 2012 based on Religion

Pew finds Huckabee and Romney leading the field among Republicans nationwide, each with around one-fifth of Republicans naming them as their top choice. But there is a religious split among GOP voters, with 29 percent of white evangelicals favoring Huckabee and only 15 percent picking Romney.

Huckabee did about as well among Catholics (27 vs. 16 percent). Huckabee's support among white mainline Protestants was lower (15 percent); Romney was the top-choice of 22 percent of mainliners.
The full story is here.
Crosstabs and other analysis here.
Candidates Tea Party support here.


Anonymous said...

Huck winning again??? I see a pattern developing.

And momentum.

BOSMAN said...


If you follow the crosstabs, you'll find he overall came in SECOND TO ROMNEY.

The religious part of it was just a breakdown of that segment.

BTW, the above graph has it even:

Evangelical, Catholic = Huck
Main line Protestant, other/non Faith = Romney