Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mitt Romney: Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner (Live Feed - approx 7:00 PM EST)

Mitt Romney, speaking in New Hampshire on Saturday night for the first time since the midterms, plans a direct attack on President Barack Obama and what Romney has been calling “the Obama Misery Index.”

Romney, in the unofficial kickoff of his Granite State campaign, will be keynoting the Carroll County Republican Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner.
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The dinner began at 6:00PM. I would imagine that folks will eat first and Romney will speak after. There are speakers on before Romney. Hopefully this feed will work:

Watch live streaming video from freestrongamerica at


Anonymous said...

Feed works just fine, thanks Bosman.......

larry said...

Wow, this is great.
Thanks Bosman.

Closer To Home said...

Mitt looked very comfortable tonight. That far north, they were supposed to have a potentially antagonistic tea party contingent, but what I heard was extremely enthusiastic.

phil said...

I would have liked to have seen this live.