Monday, March 28, 2011

Mitt Romney has President Obama's and other's attention towards 2012

More evidence is piling up that Mitt Romney is the man that President Obama and the Democrats fear will be the Republican nominee.

We've seen a concerted effort by President Obama and his cronies to push the notion that Mitt Romney was responsible for Obama's national health care bill.

The latest is from the Governor of my state Deval Patrick who replaced Mitt Romney as Governor.

There is no love lost between these two Governors.

Romney had included Patrick in his book No Apology when he blamed Patrick for driving up the cost of his health care law, asserting that Patrick gave the poor free insurance when they should have been charged nominal premiums.

Patrick has done his part, reversing his predecessor’s policies — canceling spending cuts, undoing an immigration order, and reinstating an affirmative action policy that Romney had rescinded.

The Boston Globe reported today that Patrick, who has been tapped to be a major spokesman for President Obama’s reelection campaign, is working closely with the president’s political team to deliver backhanded compliments to Romney for his work on universal health care in Massachusetts, a law reviled by Republican voters.

David Axelrod Who helped run Patrick's first campaign for Governor, had this to say, he expects Patrick will be a big player in the president’s campaign.

Patrick in the mean time, has opened a federal political action committee to help him travel the country, working to reelect Obama. The so-called Together PAC will allow him to raise federal money so he can address Democrats across the country and campaign on behalf of Obama as he seeks re-election.

To read the full article, go HERE.

A few of the comments from on this piece, summed up my feelings:
  • yabba2010~Romney offers solutions, while Patrick wallpapers over problems. Patrick has had over 4+ years to fix MassHealth, and has neglected to do so. Now we see budget overruns, that the Feds can't bail him out for. Lots of lost jobs this year. I'll take Romney ideas, over Deval's excuses anyday.
  • FanB4Orr~ Doesn't Patrick take a paycheck from the citizens of Massachusetts to attempt to run this state? Is he forgoing his paycheck while he vacations around the world and country? Wasn't he just reelected? Does he realize how much people in this state are struggling?
  • Tirwilliger~Patrick has got to be the biggest goofball in politics today. Only in a state like Massachusetts could he be re-elected, and now we are all paying the price.


Anonymous said...

Most Republicans can see through this Democratic plan against Romney.

Common sense tells you that you don't praise the person who's after your job.

Bill589 said...

It’s still my opinion that the first step to fix government run healthcare is to stop the government from running it. Free market capitalism. Competition is a good thing for costs and quality.

I hope I understand that Mitt (just in case he’s our nominee) said that one of the first things he would do as president would be to grant 50 state Obamacare waivers. To me, this sounds like a great first step. Then throw the bill out, and make changes that will lower the cost of healthcare, and a few more changes that will help create jobs so that people can buy it for themselves.

larry said...

He has basically said in his statement that."He can't repeal it fast enough".

The house and Senate (if it goes REP) can only work so fast.

Waivers can be granted by him without congressional approval as far as I know.

clown patrol said...

Obuma looks like he's puckering his lips to lay a wet one on Patrick.

Dumb & Dumber

Dave said...

The Obama Administration offers the kiss of death to the Republican candidates it fears the most. It has been praising Romney and Huntsman relentlessly for months.

I suspect that when Mitt gets the nomination, all this praise will stop quickly and the long knives will come out.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Excellent points Bos!

Only fools think Obama & Co. are sincere in their praise. Only fools will take the bait.

Romeny will clean Obama's clock in any debate, anytime, anyplace. Obama will be left hemming and hawing even more than he does now.