Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mitt Romney Flip Flops

The following is a screenshot take from a handy site named MittRomneyFlipFlops.com. There's nothing fancy about the site, but it contains dozens of known Romney flip-flops, along with sources. If you click on the number next to the quote, it will take you to the original source. Enjoy!

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BOSMAN said...


Maybe if Palin flopped or flipped more, she's win a few polls.


BOSMAN said...


welcome back!

Let us all know who your SECOND CHOICE IS so that we can all predict whether your batting .500 or .000.

BOSMAN said...


It seems Sarah is real popular in India.

Maybe if she moved there, she could one day be the next Indira Ghandi.

He chances at that would be better than POTUS in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Check this out:


OhioJOE said...

Yes, Impalin, feel free to continue to sabotage Mrs. Palin, we shall sabotage your candidate and laugh in your face.

Anonymous said...

RW, Oh come on, you can do better. Give us something real, and then we'll talk.

That comment was in the context of the Reagan/Bush deficits. All you seem to have today are quotes taken out of context.


GetReal said...

That little blog is like a bridge to nowhere...you may be for it now, but eventually you'll see the light and veto it. ;)