Monday, March 14, 2011


Earlier today I posted a link on my Facebook page to a blog post that was critical of President Obama's leadership. You may read the blog post here.

One of my acquaintances posted the following comment:

Personally I like Obama and think he has better ideas than some of our Senators and Representatives.

I know many of your friends don't like Pres Obama, Noelle, but I get tired of president-bashing and disrespect. I didn't agree with Pres Bush (the son of the President Bush I did like) most of the time but I do not show disrespect for any holder of that office.

It got me to thinking. There are a lot of reasons to like or to dislike a president. Their policies may either reflect yours, or they may be polar opposites. Their interpersonal skills may either invite people to accept their ideas better, or it may repel people. Their ability to communicate may either draw people to them, or cause them to reject them. Their leadership skills may either create a sense of confidence, or a sense of uncertainty.

There are presidents with whom I completely disagree, but who nevertheless have demonstrated leadership. There are others with whom I find myself in agreement, but do not do a very good job of expressing their ideas.

President Obama is an example of someone who has demonstrated incredibly poor leadership. That is my opinion, but it is shared by a lot of other people, even, I suspect, people on his own side of the aisle.

I agree with my Facebook friend that we as Americans should be respectful to the office of the President, and I disagree with her that criticizing President Obama's leadership is disrespectful, or bashing. While I generally approved of President George W. Bush, there is no doubt that his communication skills were severely wanting, and saying so does not mean I don't respect him.

If I were President of the United States, I would be like a deer in the headlights. I am not in any way prepared for that kind of responsibility. I lack the leadership qualities necessary to be the leader of the free world. But then again, I am not seeking that job either. While President Obama's leadership skills are likely superior to my own, I don't think he is prepared for that kind of responsibility either. It takes a very special person to have the qualities necessary to be President of the United States.

President Obama has been faced with many challenges during his presidency, thus far, and he has been analyzed and criticized. Some of the criticism has been blindly partisan, and much has been based on honest analysis, and been right on target. Just the same way some of his support has been blindly partisan, and some based on honest analysis. I think that the next president will also face many, and perhaps even more challenges and crises, and he too will face criticism from his opponents and support from his allies. Some of that criticism will also be blindly partisan, some more honest. It is what every president faces, and I believe it will get worse, not better.

I am an ardent supporter of Mitt Romney for the presidency in 2012. I believe that his background and his skills are an excellent match for the challenges and responsibilities of the president of the United States. I believe that he will be able to weather the criticism he will certainly face, and he will succeed in helping our great country back on a path of fiscal responsibility and strong world leadership. He has demonstrated leadership, and while being the president of the United States is the biggest job he will ever have faced, I have great confidence that he will do the best job of any of the potential candidates out there.


DanL said...

I am always grateful for republicans who are willing to be respectful to a president of the other party. Thanks for writing this Noelle.

BOSMAN said...

Welcome Noelle!
A very thoughtful post.

I know I have probably been guilty in the past of disrespecting President Obama.

The strange part of it is, I would go crazy when the Democrats would disrespect past Republican Presidents.

Perhaps I to need to step back and say to my self before I open my mouth, What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Thanks for reminding us that Although we can disagree with President Obama, but he is still THE PRESIDENT

Noelle said...

I see no harm in making the president the butt of a joke or two, but that is not the same as disrespect. I suspect that supporters of any president (or presidential candidate for that matter) find "disrespect" more quickly while opponents define "disrespect" more loosely.

Noelle said...

I will also say that there are some candidates, or rather potential candidates, for whom I have no respect. If they become president, I will respect the office, but not necessarily respect the person holding the office.

One area in which I do respect President Obama is the fact that he has been a good role model as a father. That is a role that has been diminished in pop culture, and he has been a good example. (Although my dad is better.)

larry said...

Thanks for reminding us Noelle that, what goes around, comes around.

If we Republicans disrespect the office of the President when a Democrat is serving, we should expect it in return when a Republican is serving.

BTW, welcome Noelle. Looking forward to more from you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Noelle.

I find it hard to separate the two.

I feel that Obama is disrespecting the office therefor I feel obligated to disrespect his interpretation of the office.


ConMan said...

We should be as respectful to the office of the Presidency as the person holding it.

Tracey said...

I bet the person that left the comment on your facebook page probably agrees with Obama's politics.

I think it is silly for one side to complain that the other side is being negative to their candidate when they themselves have probably been negative about the competition or former Presidents etc.

This is the nature of the political game and it has nothing to do with being nice.

As far as GMR goes, he will be criticized from the left for criticizing Obama and he will be criticized from the right for not criticizing Obama enough.

I do believe that GMR tries to be as civil as he possibly can and when he compliments Obama it will be about a policy of his. GMR has been fair about pointing out the things that Obama has done right. I have never heard him say that "Obama is a good FATHER." That is Sean Hannity's favorite response to anyone that criticizes him for being overly critical of Obama.

I do believe that GMR is the right leader for our times. I hope he will be given an opportunity to lead our country.

Jonathan said...

Very good post Noelle. Even if you (you in the general sense of the term) dislike President Obama, the office he holds is still the Presidency of the United States. That in and of itself deserves respect.

Bill589 said...

Obama is a socialist. For socialism to work, in theory anyway, everybody has to ‘be on board’. So in other words, it doesn’t work with liberty.

Capitalism works with liberty. It’s what made our country strong in the first place. And being an American, I say, ‘liberty or death.’

It is okay, and our duty I believe, to attack a politician with the truth. Only the truth. Our president lies, so I call him a liar. If I didn’t call him a liar, I would be a liar. His policies grow government power and take away liberty, so for mine and my children’s sake, I attack him.

Second only to the word of God, I believe the most important thing I can pass on to my children is liberty. I plan on continuing the fight to do so.

Anonymous said...

Great post Noelle. I agree with you.

It really bothers me when people on our side go after the Obama's for the wrong things. I like the way Romney makes his criticism all about the policies he disagrees with, and not about Obama's birth, background, faith, mentors, etc. We see Palin and Gingrich doing it all the time, and to my mind, it's politically stupid. Unfortunately, some of it is race-based.


OhioJOE said...

While, I disagree with your definition of Leadership, I congradulate you on your front page promotion.

Revolution 2010 said...

Welcome Noelle,

I kind of agree with zeke on this.