Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is Mike Huckabee a Manipulater?

I found this video today on youtube that is a compilation of video clips from the 2008 race. The gist of the video is that Huckabee manipulates Evangelicals. It's from a video source called, NotoHuckabee2012: (BTW, if you follow the link, there is more.)

I suppose whether you believe this is a manipulation or not is up to interpretation. Then again, has he shown this tendency in any other areas?


Anonymous said...

Vote for me, I'm the Christian!

He played it against Romney, and now he's playing it against Obama.

Tsk tsk.


Anonymous said...

The last few days have been hard on Huck, and I've been taking a lot of pleasure in it. I guess it's not very Christian of me, but to my mind, he's had it coming for a long long time.

I can't help but wonder about a man who would publicly single out an individual for particular ridicule, and then when it doesn't sit well, not only refuse to apologize, but double down!

It was the same thing with Clemmons. No apology, just more excuses. Same thing with Obama - blatant lies about Indonesia, and more excuses. Plus, more suspicion about Obama not being "one of us". (Sound familiar?)

This is Huckabee's old game--sowing suspicion and division. Time and time again, Huckabee does not act like the 'Christian Leader' he labels himself. When will his supporters begin to see the discrepancy between the man he claims to be, and the man he is?

And don't put it past Huck to make Portman a proxy for Bristol Palin.


Closer To Home said...

I'm really hoping Mike runs. I'm looking for him to finally having to answer the questions about his governance. I'm sure he is going to take his time making up his mind. He knows he came out of nowhere last time. 2012? People have had 4 years to put together opposition material. I expect them to destroy the fake facade that is Huckabee the candidate.

hamaca said...

I actually interpreted Mike's comments on Portman a bit differently. I didn't see him attacking her, but rather pointing out that she's as example of someone who can handle the situation in which she finds herself.

It's so many others that get themselves into situations that result in children being born into circumstances, e.g. poverty, no father, etc., that are having an effect on society. That's what I believe he meant.

Having said that, I certainly have similar feelings overall to Martha and Closer.

Mike's supporters want us to think he's a statesman worthy of the presidency. Yet, over the past couple of years, he has shown himself to be anything but that. His personal vendettas, his whining about being treated unfairly, and his smarmy nature demonstrate a lack of maturity needed for the foreign and domestic challenges the POTUS must face.

He can no longer play the cards of an unknown, shoe-string budget, come-from-behind candidate. His true colors have surfaced and they aren't pretty. There's enough material for any opponent to simply quote him for effective ads.

Anonymous said...

This man's a fraud, and i wouldnt be surprised to see him going hell. Hes great at manipulating, and playing the victim card, while refusing to admit to his mistakes. Hes the type of so called christian you have to watch out for. He will stab you in the back then deny ever having done it.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me why is it every huckabee controversy lacks the national attention that a palin or romney controversy would normally receive?

I mean if palin or romney would say something as stupid as huckabee, its in every major, local, international, newspaper. The coverage would be unbelievable.

Huckabee says something and most people havent even heard of what huckabee would say.

Right Wingnut said...


Good question. However, keep in mind that the DNC advised the party and the media to keep their powder dry, and not attack Huckabee last time around. They don't fear him.

kelly said...

I guess Huckabee and Gingrich are having a contest to see who is the sleaziest.

Anonymous said...

Those clips made me want to vomit. Especially where he is implying that he is God's candidate.