Friday, March 4, 2011

The FIX: 2012er Presidential rankings, Mitt Romney still No. 1

There are only 62 days between now and the South Carolina Fox debate. The decision clock is ticking. 
As always, the number one ranked candidate on the Line is considered the most likely to wind up as the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. 
Whose ranked too high? Too low? The comments section awaits.
1. Mitt Romney (Previous ranking: 1)
2. Tim Pawlenty (Previous ranking: 5)
3. Sarah Palin (Previous ranking: 2)
4. Newt Gingrich (Previous ranking: 3)
5. Mike Huckabee (Previous ranking: 4)
6. Mitch Daniels (Previous ranking: 7)
7. Haley Barbour (Previous ranking: 6)
8. Jon Huntsman (Previous ranking: 9)
9 .Michele Bachmann (no Previous ranking)
10. Rick Santorum (Previous ranking: 10)

Coming off the Line: John Thune
Coming onto the Line: Michele Bachmann

For full analysis and reasoning for the rankings, go HERE.


Dave said...

We have an emerging race between Mitt and Tim in which Palin and Huckabee, and probably Daniels, won't run, and one in which Gingrich and Barbour get swept away like detritus after a storm.

Longer term, Huntsman has the latent ability to make a race of it on the basis of charisma, campaign team, money, and resume.

This whole process will be fascinating.

Noelle said...

I find that Mitt and T-Paw are the two potential candidates who have been the most serious and professional in their approach to the 2012 primary. That would make a good race. Some of the other potential candidates are a little too attention-seeking, using the campaign for their own financial gain.

Anonymous said...

Romney/palin ticket.

phil said...

I'd say that list looks about right only because it's looking more and more like Mike and Sarah are going to sit this one out.

BOSMAN said...

If it comes down to Mitt and Tim, Can you say "Republican nominee for President in 2012, Mitt Romney?"

Revolution 2010 said...

Looking Good!

Anonymous said...

I would put Newt Gingrich ahead of Sarah Palin in this list. For all of his mistakes, he's harder for independents to dismiss. He also has more of an "it's my turn" claim, and the GOP has a bad habit of nominating people because the party sees the time as being "his turn" to run. In addition, we know that Newt Gingrich would like to be president. I'm not sure that Sarah Palin wants to be president, particularly right now.

If primary voters see the Massachusetts health care law as being a fatal flaw, they will turn to Tim Pawlenty or maybe Newt Gingrich. Tim Pawlenty will be seen as less of a silver spoon candidate than Mitt Romney is and doesn't have the personal baggage that Newt Gingrich does. Ultimately, I think primary voters will see Mr. Romney as the best choice because of his overall executive experience.

Closer To Home said...

I think this race could well come down to Mitt and TPaw. The question is how quickly can Tim slip free from Newt and Haley to consolidate the "not Mitt" vote. If Newt and Haley stay in and relatively flush financially through Super Tuesday, meaning SC and FL, Romney may get a substantial lead that will be difficult to overcome. Newt and Haley have previously shown to be successful fund raisers, so that is a very real possibility.

I think that would lead to a very fragmented SC and FL, which would continue to benefit Romney.

I am also, in my suspicion that Huck doesn't run, counting on him to endorse Pawlenty, giving him a significant boost as the religious right candidate.

And it also positions TPaw for a very serious look at VP

Anonymous said...

"Can you say "Republican nominee for President in 2012, Mitt Romney?""

If that be the case, then can you say President Barack Obama re-elected in 2012?