Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ed Rollins: Huckabee could put campaign together "very quickly."

On CNN's political program, John King's USA, Ed Rollins responds to John King's statement that "most operatives don't think Huckabee is running." Rollins says he "speaks to Huckabee all the time," "he's "seriously considering it," he's "talking to money people," and "he could put a campaign together very quickly."

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Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that Mr. Huckabee is seriously considering a run and could put together a team very quickly. The question is whether that run would be best for him or the country and whether the time is right for that run. Barak Obama will be very hard to beat in 2012 even with the problems that we have. Unseating an incumbent is tough. Mr. Huckabee has his own problems and weaknesses, and his sniping at Mr. Romney puts him in a bad place to pick up Mr. Romney's supporters if anything happens to Mr. Romney's campaign.

Right Wingnut said...

He basically admitted to David Shedlock that he would need to sell his house first. Any guess as to how long it takes to sell a $3 million house in Florida right now? Will his wife return all of the expensive furniture she bought a few months ago too?

...I asked the governor to address those who say the mortgage payment on a home he is building in Florida will make it impossible to run for president in 2012. Governor Huckabee was transparent in his answer. First, it is not really a mortgage, but rather a contract to build a home. Privately built homes aren’t ready for a mortgage until they are appraised, which can’t happen until after they are a built. Second, the land appraises higher than his purchase price, and the construction contract was also entered into at below current market rates, suggesting that if he decided to make a run for president this summer he could still sell off the property at a significant profit. No, a mortgage payment won’t stop him from running for president....


I'm sorry. I don't like to go an the attack like this, but the guy is so full of sh*t that I can't help myself.

Revolution 2010 said...

I hope he does run. I'd like to see him lose the nomination AND his Fox gig!