Monday, March 14, 2011

The Daily Caller/ConservativeHome 2012 Presidential Tracking Poll: Mitt Romney is our Best Hope

According to the inaugural The Daily Caller/ConservativeHome 2012 Presidential Tracking Poll, 27 percent of a panel of likely Republican primary voters believe former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the best chance of beating President Obama in 2012, though he is not necessarily the candidate they like the most, or believe would do the best job controlling federal government spending or dealing with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fifteen percent chose New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as their favorite candidate — more than any other candidate — though he has continually insisted that he is not running.
Who is most likely to win in 2012?

1. 27% - Mitt Romney
2. 15% - Chris Christie
3. 12% - Newt Gingrich
4. 10% - Mike Huckabee
5. 6% - Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty (tie)

Who do you like the most?

1. 15% - Chris Christie
2. 14% - Sarah Palin
3. 12% - Newt Gingrich
4. 10% - Mitt Romney
5. 9% - Michele Bachmann

Who is the most conservative?

1. 19% - Michele Bachmann
2. 16% - Sarah Palin
3. 14% - Ron Paul
4. 11% - Newt Gingrich
5. 7% - Chris Christie

Who would do the best job on the economy?

1. 16% - Chris Christie
2. 15% - Mitt Romney
3. 14% - Donald Trump
4. 10% - Newt Gingrich
5. 7% - Sarah Palin

Who would do the best job keeping Washington’s spending under control?

1. 20% - Chris Christie
2. 11% - Newt Gingrich
3. 10% - Ron Paul and Sarah Palin (tie)
4. 9% - Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump (tie)

Who would do the best job handling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

1. 25% - John Bolton
2. 24% - Newt Gingrich
3. 7% - Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney (tie)
4. 6% - Mike Huckabee
The survey was e-mailed to 2,500 participants who identify as conservative Republicans and are considered likely primary voters. The majority of the panel is politically active, with 70 percent having contributed money to a campaign or worked on a campaign. Thirty-five percent of the members on the panel self-identify as part of the Tea Party, while 58 percent say they sympathize with the movement. Participants were asked six questions and asked to choose their favorite from among 17 potential primary candidates. There were 736 members of the panel who responded to the survey. The results of the survey appear below, showing the top five in each category.
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BOSMAN said...


ConMan said...

Why am I not surprised at The lack of Huckabite and Palinite comments?

Dave said...


If they were REALLY smart people, they wouldn't have Mitt second on the list of who would be best at reviving the economy.....He would be first.

Now, if Christie wasn't an option, Mitt would have received most of Chris's votes----both for economic revival skills AND for electability.