Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CNN Poll: 2012 Republican Nomination Survey

Next, I'm going to read a list of people who may be running in the Republican primary for president in 2012. After I read all the names, please tell me which candidate you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for President in the year 2012, or if you would support someone else. (RANDOM ORDER)

Huckabee 19%
Romney 18%
Gingrich 14%
Palin 12%
Trump 10%
Paul 8%
Pawlenty 3%
Daniels 3%
Santorum 3%
Barbour 1%
Someone else (vol.) 4%
None/ No one (vol.) 3%
No opinion 2%
Interviews with 1,023 adult Americans conducted by telephone by Opinion Research Corporation on March 11-13, 2011. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.
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Ann said...

Huckabee and Romney realy should be in a seperate top tier. Every poll has them way ahead of Palin and Gingrich.

Closer To Home said...

One scenario is that it will be a face off between those two.

But just as big a question, given the very mixed signals that Huck is sending, is who will take Huck's place facing off against Romney.

(See my other post about Romney's fundraising preparations and compare that to Huck's lack of any visible preparations.)

Anonymous said...