Sunday, March 13, 2011

Barbara Anderson: Mitt Romney is "Mr. Can Do"

Barbara Anderson, the executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, penned an op-ed yesterday about Mitt Romney and his roll up his sleeves approach that has influences both his public and private life. it is called, "Romney's 'Can Do' attitude is just what the country needs."
I see Mitt as "Mr. Can Do," as in "Why the h-e-double hockey-sticks is everyone standing around doing nothing?" There are so many stories of this nature that the attitude must be part of his basic psyche.

I didn't read his book about his experience with the Salt Lake City Olympics, but recall reading somewhere that he once jumped from his car to clear a traffic jam in Olympic Park. We all heard about his rescuing foundering boaters near his waterfront home in New Hampshire. We saw him striding angrily from the Big Dig tunnel after the tile collapse that killed a woman — and it didn't happen again.
There is a lot more. To read the full story, go HERE.


larry said...

He has the type of persona needed at this time in America's history. Someone not afraid to roll up their sleeves and make the tough decisions.

ConMan said...

Anderson is a Tea Party icon. She was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.

This is a big endorsement.

Socrates said...

We need someone who CAN DO and WILL DO what is necessary.