Thursday, February 3, 2011

Will Jon Huntsman seek the Republican or Democratic nomination if he runs?

Here, Jon Huntsman Extols the Virtues of Cap and Trade:

And then there is his stint as Ambassador to China for President Obama. Are our relations any better now with China than before?

Mitt Romney DOESN'T THINK SO! He had this to say about China on the Laura Ingraham show.

Right click the audio player below. Choose "Open Link in New Window". The audio feed should start within 10 seconds. Then FAST FORWARD to the 6:00 minute mark:

I'm wondering if Huntsman is torn between which nomination to seek. Republican or Democrat?


Rocky the Flying Squirrel said...


Huntsman is SO TOASTED!

Anonymous said...


Huntsman seems more suited as the Democratic nominee. Obama better watch out!


Rob said...

I'm sure that Ambassador Huntsman will soon come to "see the light" on cap and trade. It will be his main Romneycare/Pardon baggage.

Anonymous said...

"It will be his main Romneycare/Pardon baggage."

Sleeping with the ENEMY is MUCH BIGGER!

kelly said...

He should just stay in China.

Dave said...

Huntsman is a rock-solid Republican on nonEnvironmental and nonImmigration issues. Time will tell how these deficiencies effect him in the Primary.

A lot of the answer to that question will rely on how he positions himself on these issues while campaigning. However, the main issues will be job-creation and cutting spending so as to balance the budget.....and his credibility on those issues is superlative.

My guess is that he will do better in states with open primaries.

Anonymous said...

Democrat would be a much better fit for Huntsman.

In addition to supporting cap and trade, and believing in man made global warming, he supports ethanol, and opposes nuclear power.

He is fiscally quite liberal. His only complaint about Obama's 787 billion stimulus was that it wasn't big enough. He grew the Utah budget by record percentages while governor. In '07 or '08 the state was facing an education budget shortfall, and instead of doing what the legislature wanted to do, which was to dip into the rainy day fund and to cut the budget, Huntsman advocated raising taxes.


David said...

Huntsman won't even come in a distant second to Romney in Utah!