Saturday, February 5, 2011

TPM Poll Tracker: Obama vs Romney/Huckabee/Gingrich/Palin

The following interactive graphs show the on-going contests between President Obama and the 4 main potential candidates for 2012. I will post them every so often because they are a work in progress and are always changing.

As of today, This is how President Omama leads each candidate:

Romney +3.1
Huckabee +4.7
Gingrich +12.9
Palin +15.1

To view each charts data, drag your mouse along the graph and then click on any given poll result:


Bill589 said...

You can believe polls or you can believe everyone’s (non)response to the polls.

There’s a big elephant in the room. The one everyone says they’re not afraid of day after day for two years now. It has the biggest following, the loudest opponents, it’s pink, and everyone here knows who I’m talking about.

Tracey said...

I believe that Huckabee got a big boost in these polls because Pres. Obama tapped him as his opponent in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I don't think anyone said they're not afraid of Palin - of course they are. That's why so many Repubs are coming out and openly criticizing her more often. It's certainly possible that she can win the nomination. So yes, we are a little afraid, but the polls appear to show there's some sanity in the party.

The truth is that her following is rather small, and getting smaller. It's only something like 15% of the party who want's her to run.


Anonymous said...


Huckabee has gone done. There was only .1% difference between him and Romney last time I viewed these charts. Now Romney leads Huckabee against Obama by 1.6%


ConMan said...

Romney's numbers will improve even more as Obama's tanks. And they will.