Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tea Party vs. Wisconsin Union Protestors

The fight over union rights in tight fiscal times escalated Saturday in Wisconsin, as Tea Party activists flocked to the state's Capitol to counter protests against the Republican governor's controversial budget.

Tea Party leaders carried signs that read "Your Gravy Train is Over" to back Gov. Scott Walker, who wants to cut state workers pay and benefits to plug a $3.6 billion budget hole.

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Doctors signing phony notes for teachers:


Granny T said...

Jonathan (a history major that post at Race42012) said, Obviously none of these people teach history. Here’s the dirty litle secret; Hitler didn’t destroy the unions, he forced all union workers into a national, government sponsered union, the Deutsch Arbreitsfront (DAF) or German Labor Front. So if we are talking about what is Hitleran, forcing everyone to join a union is much more so than simply making union members pay for some of their own pension.

Maybe more of the uneducated government employed union supporters ought to see that little tidbit before they complaining about Americans trying to stop them from overtaking our country. No wonder FDR was against unions for the public sector!

Granny T said...