Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rep. Allen West to give CPAC keynote address

Representative Allen West of Florida will be giving the keynote address at CPAC.

This is the coveted slot that was offered to Sarah Palin who declined because of what she called scheduling problems.

The full story is here.


Right Wingnut said...

Congratulations to West!

Why did Mitt get slighted?

By the way, it would be a neat trick to be in two places at one time.

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Revolution 2010 said...


Because Mitt got the REAL PRIME SPOT. Just before the Straw Poll vote! He'll be the last they all hear on Friday before the voting starts.

Do you think that's being slighted?

Right Wingnut said...

He's speaking at 10:30 Friday morning. When is the straw poll vote, I didn't see it on the schedule.

Right Wingnut said...

I would think a high profile speaking slot on Saturday afternoon would be better than a slot on Friday morning, straw poll or not.

ells said...

Well, I personally think she's not going because of cash, and not a 'race'. That's not hate, it's an opinion shared by even Rick Santorum.

Socrates said...

Right Wingnut,

You're kidding right?
Why would Mitt want to speak AFTER THE VOTE?

Right Wingnut said...

The straw poll doesn't mean much. Freaking Ron Paul won last year. So what. How many people will be watching at 10:30 AM Eastern on Friday? West will get the viewers and the press to go along with it. In fact, he's already getting a lot of press. If Mitt's only goal in attending CPAC is to win a straw poll, his priorities are in the wrong place. And, don't kid yourself. He would have jumped at the chance to give the keynote.

Socrates said...


You forgot to add, IMHO.

BOSMAN said...

Allen West is GREAT!

I'm sure he'll give the SECOND BEST speech there.

kelly said...


I agree. I like West as well. What a great speaker he is.

hamaca said...

I think Mitt isn't wanting to draw a lot of extra attention to himself until he's ready to announce his candidacy.

Allen West is a great speaker. I'd enjoy hearing him probably more than Mitt.

Right Wingnut said...

This is my favorite Allen West video. If you don't know much about the man, watch...

Anonymous said...

I thunk Allen West was a great choice.


TexasConservative said...

Allen West will close out the conference in style.

He is a true patriot and a great speaker.