Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mitt Romney rips President Obama in No Apology, NEW EDITION

Click the photo above for a peek inside this new paperback edition.
Mitt Romney's new Paperback edition of his Best Seller, No ppology has some new material.
Former governor Mitt Romney, in a new introduction to his book, strongly criticizes President Obama, writing that “my worst fears about the president have come true’’ and that his policies “are smothering the American dream.’’ 
"Rather than focusing his energy and political capital on solving the economic crisis, he exploited it to promote his extreme liberal agenda,'' Romney writes in the new paperback version of "No Apology,'' according to excerpts provided to the Globe. 
"We need a U-turn from the policies of the past few years,'' he adds.
 Romney also goes after Democrats:
"They simply do not believe in America as it was shaped by the Founders,'' he writes. "They do not believe that the principles and values that made America a great nation still apply.'' 
Read the full article HERE.

For a peek inside the new paperback, click the book cover above.


TexasConservative said...

Can a Romney supporter please tell me why Romney switched the name of his book?

I wonder if anyone will ask him that in all the interviews?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps because it's been updated to the present with his response to all of Obama's blunders.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I waited. I'll by the new paperback with all the new goodies.

Anonymous said...

TC, I believe that it isn't uncommon for a book title to be changed when released in paperback. This may be unusual, but I don't think it's unprecedented.


BOSMAN said...

I just posted the entire NEW INTRODUCTION for those who want to read it.

ConMan said...

I just finished the new Intro. It was great!