Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mitt Is Back!

For the past year, I have felt that the conservative movement has been adrift, that there were no leaders who would stand up and boldly proclaim truth. Even though I voted for Mitt Romney in 2008, my support for him has been at best tepid. Romney is clearly well-versed in public policy, so I have always excused the occasional red meat op-ed or comment, because I know that Romney knows better. He's just playing the game, I thought. 

Now I am becoming convinced that not only does Romney know better, he is willing to say it.

First, there was his refusal to apologize for his health care plan in MA. My one plea for Romney this campaign season is that he won't run away from his health care plan. It looks like Mitt agrees. I am so thrilled that Mitt has decided that he is not going to apologize for his success.

Second, there was his comments regarding President Mubarak. Mitt wants Mubarak to go. You can contrast his comments with those of another possible GOP presidential candidate. It was quite breathtaking to hear Mike Huckabee chastise President Obama for his mild support of a transition in Egypt. Of course, we have known for some time that Huckabee's foreign policy would be disastrous for the United States and the rest of the world if he ever got the chance to try it out (here is another example of the senseless foreign policy of Huck). Now we know that Huckabee simply does not care if there are millions of Egyptians who have had no chance at a democratic government. Huckabee has some major blinders on. His foreign policy outlook can be summed up in three words: whatever Israel wants. Huckabee is currently in Israel. He should catch a flight over to Egypt and see the crying for democracy among regular, everyday people. When Romney went to the Middle East, he talked to Arabs and Israelis. He didn't just kiss Israel's collective butt.

Third, there is Mitt's civility. He even credited President Obama for having the right policy regarding Egypt. Mitt is proving that he wants to be a President for all of America, not just the base of the Republican Party. He refuses to fall into the partisan name calling that talk radio and talk TV feed on.

We are starting to see the leadership for which I have been longing.


ConMan said...

As a Romney supporter, I hope Romney is right about the revolt in Egypt.

If some looney Imam comes to power there, his position may come back and bite him.

I hope he is right!

Right Wingnut said...

If some looney Imam comes to power there, his position may come back and bite him. -ConMan

That's absolutlely correct. For the sake of Israel and peace in the Middle Esat, I hope Mitt is right too. Something tells me a more neutral stance would be wise until we know more.

Closer To Home said...

The policy I heard him espouse was that he was in favor of a permanent democratic transition that didn't create a void into which an Islamist regime would rush in. That seems like a reasonable policy to me.

Bill589 said...

I hope Mitt runs point against Obama now. Sarah has been doing it for two years. We can gauge how effective he is by how much the Left’s media attacks him. I think he’s smart enough to do a good job. We’ll also see if the LSM can effect his ‘negatives’, as they have Sarah’s.

What I disagree with is the government run healthcare. Federal or state. Federal is unconstitutional, state is not. But that’s not my point. Every country that has tried it has lowered their quality of healthcare, and never the less are still going broke because of it. It doesn’t work. It’s not working in Massachusetts either.

Socialism, including Obamacare, doesn’t work with individual liberty and personal responsibility. I think if Mitt wants ‘the base’, and to garner the energy of the TPM, he has to demonstrate that he understands this. Give me liberty or death. Live free or die. - These aren’t just politically incorrect, anti-strong government, things to say; they’re distinctly American. We’ve been asleep for some decades, but we’re awake now.

Anonymous said...

i went on youtube to watch romney's appearances on tv today and I cant believe the amount of negative anti-romney comments there are. If it wasnt an attack on his character, it was on his religion. It just seems like hes the most hated republican out there, when in fact he's the best one to lead this country.


BOSMAN said...


That's what I heard as well. He wants a Democratic transition. Another words, What ever it takes to insure we don't have another Iran on our hands.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how America can insure that Egypt doesn't turn into another Iran. I do know that they better do what ever it takes to MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T!