Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mike Huckabee: These Ideas could Help Change this Country

Mike Huckabee sat down with Sean Hannity and discussed the limited government policies ideas outlined in his new book. Hannity cut right to the chase and asked him if he was thinking about running in 2012? Huckabee said, "Of course I am thinking about it."

Reflecting on writing the book, A Simple Government, Mike Huckabee said, "These ideas could help change this country." In regards to the principles outlined in the book he said, "This is what I really believe. This is what I stand for." Will the book tour help Huckabee decide on a run? "Maybe I should put my book out there and find out if there are people in this country who agree with it."

A Simple Government? You betcha.

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Granny T said...

Thank you for posting Huckabee news. It's good to see him frequently again.

I received my copy of the A Simple
from Amazon
yesterday. We didn't check the mailbox until late last night. So, I didn't even realize my birthday gift had arrived right on time. :)

Granny T said...

I THOUGHT I was going to spend the day reading Huckabee's new book. I left the room for a few minutes and come back to find my 17 year old granddaughter reading it a chuckling. I know most of his views already; so I don't have a problem letting the future of our country read it first. She is the one that will be assisting me when I go to Iowa this weekend. She is even more exited than I am about getting her picture taken with what could be the next President of the United States.

Granny T said...

*a = and chuckling. Guess I should have previewed it first :oops:

Right Wingnut said...

Granny T, Why not just buy 2 books?

Granny T said...

I'm planning on buying another one at the book signing in Dubuque on Sunday. I'll probably have to pay full price for that one though.

Anonymous said...

I'll wait for it to show up at the Dollar Store. It shouldn't be long!