Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mike Huckabee: The President of the United States cannot pick and choose which laws he likes.

Mike Huckabee has a great interview on the Laura Ingraham radio show. Highlighted below is Mike Huckabee's Defense of Marriage and his challenge to President Obama's flip on DOMA.

* Childhood Obesity and Michelle Obama's Let's Move program
* Deficit
* Defense of Marriage Act and President Obama's flip
* Why the GOP Establishment won't support Huckabee
* Border Security and No to Amnesty

I am not the biggest fan of Laura Ingraham because I think she tries to "set up" Mike Huckabee. But Huckabee is so much smarter than her. He answers the questions honestly. Even the questions about Romney. So when Ingraham asks Huckabee about a reality show with Romney, he goes on to give a good straight forward answer. Laura says "stay with me." And then of course, the video stops. I guess Mike Huckabee outsmarted her and so we can't hear the rest.

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Anonymous said...

The case for Mike Huckabee

A couple sentences from the article:
"And, unlike some other well-known potential candidates -- like a certain former Alaska governor -- Huckabee is both well-known AND well-liked by primary voters. That's a potent combination, particularly in a presidential race where voters often vote on feel -- choosing the candidate they are most comfortable with and believe understands them best."

Anonymous said...

so you think tax hike mike is the most honest, straight forward guy there is heh?

I remember a debate in 2008 when Romney asked him a straight forward question, " did you raise taxes in arkansas", like 5 times and huck kept avoiding him and tried changing the subject each time.He talks out both sides of his mouth.
Huck is not a conservative and will do anything to play the victim card, he's soft on immigration, really soft on crime, and flip flops just as bad as romney. He's one of those so called "christians" that you really have to watch out for. This clown isnt going to run anyway, he realizes he has no chance and would rather sit and eat donuts on his talkshow while planning another trip to israel. I wouldnt be surprise if tax hike mike applys for israeli citizenship.

Pablo said...

Sorry, TC, but I am not buying Huck's bull crap anymore. Up until about a month ago I have some respect for him. But he has managed to be wrong on just about every issue that has come out since then.

I don't think that he has the most basic understanding of foreign policy. He actively supports dictators around the world, as long as those dictators like Israel. His crime and punishments are erratic at best, on one hand calling for the execution of the Wikileaks leaker and then turning around and asking for the release of an Israeli spy. He has absolutely nothing to say to the half of Americans who are affected by preexisting conditions. His proposal for high risk pools are a joke. He keeps pushing the Fair Tax (a faulty idea) in an effort to distract us from the fact that he raised taxes in Arkansas and grew the government. He has nothing to say about entitlements probably because his following is built on senior citizens. He has completely flip flopped on immigration. And now he believes that Romneycare is "socialized medicine."

I used to think that Huck was a fair, civil and thoughtful politician, but it is always two steps forward and three steps back with him. I try to give him a chance, but frankly, he just doesn't deserve it. He is petty and bitter and would be wrong for America.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Actually, in many regions, Huck is NOT well liked.

Matt said...

Capman, turn your CAPS LOCK off. It makes you look like you're SCREAMING all of the time, and it's more difficult to read. People read by matching the shapes of words, and ALL CAPS is more difficult to read because every word is rectangular-shaped.

-Matt Y.