Monday, February 21, 2011

Mike Huckabee: "I don't plan to jump in a pool that has no water."

This quote is a slight variation of his comment in November. It appears as though Texas Conservative was correct. When Huckabee speaks of water, he's referring to money. It doesn't sound like the pool has any more water in it now than it did then. Furthermore, he hasn't been taking the necessary steps to increase the flow beyond a slow drip.

Politico reports:
...Asked how he'd run differently in 2012, the former Arkansas governor told Tumulty: "Money — lots of it. One thing I'm certainly going to gauge over the next few months is, would there be substantial financial support. ... I don't plan to jump in a pool that has no water."

Yet even though he knows he'd need more cash this time around he's done seemingly nothing to cultivate the GOP donor class. When Ben and I wrote a piece a few months back on Huck's role in 2012 we asked an adviser if the former candidate had been calling contributors. The response: "they're calling him!" Which is to say — no.

And in discussing his decision about whether to run, Huck, who now has a show on Fox News, has been telling people that he doesn't miss having to shake a "tin cup" and is glad to have Fox honcho Roger Ailes in charge of selling the commercials that pay his salary....
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Anonymous said...

Governor Huckabee on Good Morning America this morning told Stephanopoulos this..

“I am VERY STRONGLY considering a run” –

“very strongly” — with emphasis on each word.

Granny T said...


“I’m not going to make a decision based on who else is in or who’s not in.” He said he will decide by summer whether to run for president. - from Mike Huckabee Set to Launch Book Tour, Contemplates 2012

Sorry to burst your bubble, Right Wingnut - but he's certainly not out!

Granny T said...

Huckabee said the book tour would help him decide if “there is both financial and organizational support that warrants walking away from what I’m doing and getting back into the fray again.”
- from Mike Huckabee Set to Launch Book Tour, Contemplates 2012

Granny T said...

My 17 year old granddaughter and I will be wearing our new "Huckabee for President 2012" t shirts to the book signing in Dubuque, IA to show our Team Huck/Huck's Army "organizational support"

Anonymous said...


Revolution 2010 said...

The only pool he'll be jumping in is the one at his new place in Florida.

In between tapes of his show.

Closer To Home said...

RW, I completely agree with the interpretation of the metaphor. And the pool is empty.

“I am VERY STRONGLY considering a run” - and when he starts raising money, we'll believe he is serious.

Prediction: Huck will endorse Pawlenty and get behind and push for all he is worth. He will spend the next 3 months building relationships in IA and SC so he can have influence and hopefully keep Romney from the nomination. He will heckle from the sidelines every chance he gets. And it will take everything Huck can do to deliver the SoCon vote to TPaw with Barbour/Newt/Santorum also needing a strong showing in IA and SC.

Also, did anyone hear the silence from Barbour's trip to IA? I think he didn't get what he went there for.

Right Wingnut said...

Barbour went to Iowa? Who knew...