Monday, February 7, 2011

Iowa Caucuses: Will the BIG 3's plans be enough to win?

With The Iowa Caucuses a year away, Where do the BIG NAMES stand as of today?

- Romney showed a card last week: If he seeks the nomination, the former Massachusetts governor will campaign in Iowa. But he's expected to run a much different campaign in Iowa in 2012.
Will it work to scale back in Iowa?

- A supporter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been working county-level sources, giving her the seeds of an Iowa organization.
Can she set up an Iowa ground game?

- Huckabee has had little contact with his winning 2008 Iowa caucus team, and has said he will not announce his 2012 plans until this summer.
How late could he start?

The answers to the 3 QUESTIONS above will influence who emerges as the winner of  the caucuses and might shape what follows nationaly.

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David said...

I think it's make or break time for Palin.

Romney has the least to lose. He is not expected to win there so expectations are lower than last time. If he manages some how to win there with NH and NV also, it's all over.

Huckabee may find himself in Romney's shoes in 08. Expected to win but Iowans don't like to be taken for granted.

So in Iowa it's Palin's only hope of winning anything early.

Anonymous said...

I can see Palin getting some traction in Iowa, if she starts trying. But, the tide is turning against Palin more and more. It seems like the past few months have shed a lot of unflattering light upon her. She's lost much of the shine she had coming out of 08.

And now her only accomplishments as gov--ACES and AGIA-- are being rejected by the legislature and Palin's hand picked governor. She can't run on her record, or qualifications, but is left with persona alone.

It's not going to work in this atmosphere, no matter how great she looks on Reagan's horse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually Martha, it is perfect time for an ACES and AGIA conversation. As gas prices reach 4+ dollars a gallon, Palin will be given every opportunity to defend those guess is that most Americans will agree with her.


ellie said...

JR. at times I get a giggle out of your defense of all things Palin.

No, I don't like paying 4 dollars a gallons. And just this AM, I had to fill up after taking the kiddies to school. Paid 2.68 a gallon. I'm assured it will be going. up.

zappo said...

I agree with David. I think Sarah should go all out in Iowa!

Anonymous said...

ellie at times I get a giggle out of your taking offense to all things Palin.


Anonymous said...

Jersey, yes it is a good time to discuss ACES and AGIA. Unfortunately, since she didn't stay on as governor very long, these are the only 2 things she really accomplished.

ACES: Parnell and the legislature are getting rid of it, because it's bad for business. It was never anything more than a way for Palin to buy her way into voter's hearts--in the form of a big tax on business. The kind she now decries.

AGIA: More complicated, true. She tried, but was in over her head, and the 500 mil to TransCanada has been wasted. The other thing I didn't like is the way she referred to it as a done deal. It's never even been close to started. It was just another half-truth in a long line of them.

So yes, I think it's time to really explore her doings in Alaska. All of them.


Anonymous said...

Ellie, gas is cheaper in Utah than elsewhere. Utah was smart enough to build a refinery before it became nearly impossible to do. Our gas is way more than that and going up. Arizona doesn't have a refinery, only a crappy pipeline. We do, however, have one of the largest nuclear power plants in the nation. Most of the power gets sold off to California, but in a real pinch, we would probably keep it and make the people in California fend for themselves. If bad times come, let's swap. My power for your refined gas! Deal?


Anonymous said...

It's Huckabee's to lose and Romney's and Palin's to win.


phil said...

I think Mitt should compete here but I don't think he needs to go all out. Let Palin and Huckabee cancel each other out.

Revolution 2010 said...

Romney will compete and compete HARD!

ConMan said...

I agree Rev. If Romney says he's in, then HE'S IN!