Sunday, February 27, 2011

Huckabee Admits Romney 2008 Contrast Ads Were Ok

Well, not really.
Huckabee repeated criticism from his book of Romney's plan as a form of socialized medicine, saying "that's what it is when the government runs the program."

But Huckabee, also a potential Republican presidential candidate, was careful in his personal critique of Romney. Asked if he was violating President Ronald Reagan's "11th commandment" to never criticize a fellow Republicans, Huckabee said that "policy differences are legitimate."

"If we start attacking each other on integrity and character, I think that's a problem, which I haven't done," he said.
Oh, my bad.  An attack ad based upon "policy differences" is only legitimate if Huckabee is the attacker. So, no, Romney's issue-based ads during the Iowa caucuses do not constitute  a "legitimate" critique because the subject of that critique was Huckabee's crime and punishment record. Make sense?

And when Romney went after Huck's record, this is what the former Arkansas governor had to say:
He told a story of Romney denying clemency to an Iraq war vet who wanted to be a policeman, but could not because of a BB gun incident when he was a juvenile.

On Thursday, he told the same story and asked the audience to raise their hands if they would grant parole. The vast majority raised their hands. “My opponent said no,” Huckabee told the crowd. “Now let me ask you, do you believe he acted in the best interest of that young man and his state, or did he act in the best interest of his own future political career? That’s judgment, folks, you’ve just decided whose judgment is better.”
You see how Huckabee attacks Romney's character and integrity by arguing that Romney only cares about his own future political career?  Or how about when Huckabee questioned whether Romney had a soul? That's is an excellent critique based on "policy differences."

I want to say something specifically to Huckabee supporters. The past two years Huckabee has done quite a bit to persuade me to his cause. I am on record on many occasions boasting some of his qualities. Yet, it always seems to be two steps forward and three steps back with Huck. I am not tied to any candidate and Huck had a chance to win me over. However, it looks like Huck is going to let his petty jealousies get in the way of any leadership he could have exhibited.

Calling Romneycare "socialized medicine" is just a bunch of ignorance that is not helpful to the conservative movement.  I would encourage Huck to go do some research before he opens his mouth again. Start by reading actual socialists to see what they think. Then read about Great Britain's health care system (a real socialistic system) and Canada's system (single payer system) and Sweden's system (free market with government option). When he does his homework (remember he majored in miracles) then he can lecture us on Romneycare. Until then, I really don't think that a man who doesn't know anything about health care should be leading the charge.

And I am still waiting for a Huckabee supporter to show me where Huck has specifically called Obamacare "socialized medicine." I believe that Huckabee is more against Romney than he is Obama.


carlo said...

I believe that Huckabee shows a great disrespect for the American voter.

He believes we're all to stupid to see through his continued hypocrisy when most people know it's his M.O.

ConMan said...

Great Post Pablo!

The man tries to persuade the gullible voters to his way of thinking.

Romneycare is not "socialized health care".
Where is the public option? All the Insurance plans in MA are through PRIVATE insurance companies. Even in the pool, they're private.

Huckabee is either STUPID or a LIAR!

DanL said...

Since Huckabee didn't actually buy TV time for that ad that he made but didn't run, then I guess he can legitimately claim that he doesn't attack people on their character. (ahahahahahaha). Oh wait, he did call Palin a crack head. And he made some comment about Romney not being conservative until he had changed the lightbulbs in the MA capital.

hamaca said...

I'm willing to give Huckabee the benefit of the doubt. I don't think he realizes the hypocrisy of his statements and actions. He doesn't intentionally have double standards, i.e. one for him and one for others. It could be that he's simply not aware of reality.

Anonymous said...

CMON, huckie boy knows what he's doing. He's a crook and slimy. He's one of those "christians" you have to watch out for. He stabs you in the back while using folksy talk to charm you into believing he is always a "victim". I have no respect for this dirtbag and he is no conservative.

From raising taxes sky high in arkansas, to accepting thousands of dollars in gifts from people he appointed to his cabinet, to his soft record on both immigration and crime. You think being a gov for 10 or so years would have made an impact on a state. Arkansas is still a crummy state from healthcare to taxes. Yet when someone points this out, he quickly cries "victim". He supports government telling us what our kids should and shouldnt eat, yet his waistline and 3rd chin are growing faster than the national debt. People who support him are the ones that easily fall for his folksy talk and need to realize he isnt the only social con in the race. Right now we need someone to fix our economy and sorry Huckabee is not it. Romney or Palin would be great alternatives to Huckabee.


salty said...

Samo got it right.

Pablo said...

I can't help but notice that when somebody calls out Huckabee all of the Huckabee supporters dart like bats out of hades.

Right Wingnut has called me out twice for being slightly wrong in my posts. I quickly responded with new posts admitting the errors in my previous posts.

Yet, here we present a challenge and not a peep from Huck fans.

Anonymous said...

I commented the other day on the attack ads Romney ran against Huckabee. They were all based on policy, which has to be fair game in an election. Unfortunately, people in the midwest didn't like the attack ads against the "poor preacher from Arkansas," and were angry at Romney and his team for running them. Still, Huck shot himself in the foot with his "Christian leader" ads and his sly comments about Mormons, and managed to alienate people in Utah and in the West. He continues to show his thin skin and the pettiness of his nature. I sure wish midwesterners would see the display of such pettiness and not protect their "homeboy" quite so vociferously. Attack ads can still be a pretty honest form of communication--not that I like them.