Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to President Ronald Reagan (+ LIVE FEED)

The following are some videos of events in Ronald Reagan's Like.

Near the bottom of this post, actor Gary Sinise will take you on a tour of the Reagan Libray.

At the very bottom, there is a LIVE FEED of events occuring throughout today and tomorrow.


US Sen. Fred Thompson Narrates a Tribute to President Ronald Reagan on his 100th Birthday :

Celebrating Ronald Reagan's Centennial: A Strong Bond with God:

The Assassination Attempt:
The punch line of this video makes it worth watching.

Election Eve 1980:

Reagan Library Video Tour hosted by Gary Sinise:
(RIGHT CLICK the photo below. Select 'Open Link in New Window.)

LIVE FEED from the Reagan Library of the Centennial Events February 6-7, 2011:


Bill589 said...

Sarah Palin has ALWAYS loved Reagan and his politics.

kelly said...

I miss President Reagan. I see a lot of him in Mitt Romney. Especially the warmth, toughness, and love for this country

Doug NYC GOP said...

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Great job Bosman, lots of great memories.

I remember cancelling everything I was doing in order to watch the 1980 Convention speech.

I was home sick with the flu the day he got shot and turned the TV about 15 min before it broke.

Not sure if many of you folks recall Frank Reynolds of ABC News. He was their anchor and was on TV. There many reports coming in saying Jim Brady was killed, then alive and he lost his was quite a human moment.

I remember the electric thrill I felt during and after the Carter debate - you just knew it was a game changer.

Challenger, Berlin, Boys of Point Du Hoc...a true giant.

Can't wait till they carve his face onto Rushmore.

BOSMAN said...

If you haven't viewed the video on his assassination attempt, you are missing a CLASSIC REAGAN response to what was going on in his mind at the time. It is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th birthday President Reagan. You were THE BEST!


Revolution 2010 said...


"Can't wait till they carve his face onto Rushmore."

I agree!

phil said...

"Can't wait till they carve his face onto Rushmore."

I think any 2012er who comes out with that suggestion first, would probably get a big bump in the polls.

Anonymous said...

I just wish kids today were taught more about Reagan. My children learned very little about him in school. In high school, the history teachers pretty much skipped over him for all 4 of my kids. Heavens, no!, we can't give the man credit for anything.

But the good thing is, I can't count the number of reports my children did about him over the years!