Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Governor Chris Christie at the American Enterprise Institute (video)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke at the American Enterprise Institute about fiscal policy. He talked about his efforts to balance the New Jersey state budget, offering his experience as a blueprint for other states and the federal government.

Highlights from his 60 minute speech: (The ENTIRE speech can be viewed here.)

In a separate story:

Governor Christie was announced Wednesday morning as the GOP pick to serve as Vice Chair of the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in charge of Policy.

Christie’s new role will put him directly under Mississippi Gov. and RGA policy chairman Haley Barbour in the organization’s hierarchy.

Full Story here.


Sid said...

Christie will be hanging out now with Barbour. Very interesting!

larry said...

I like Chris Christie. I hope he is Governor long enough to turn the state around.

kelly said...

I really like Christie. I like the way he approaches problems.

He's easy going and never seems to get upset about anything.

ConMan said...


I think Christie is the type of person who believes in repaying favors.

When he was a down in the polls and unknown, Romney was in his corner raising money and campaigning for him.

If Romney runs, 100% guarantee Christie will back him.

hamaca said...

I think Christie is his own man enough to back whomever he thinks would do the best job as POTUS, regardless of assistance and support he received.

And I think Romney is adult enough to not be offended if it turns out not to be him. I think there's a good chance it would be Romney, but don't agree it's a lock.

Ellie said...

I agree that Christie will back Romney. He's made it very clear that he has not intentions of running. Why won't some listen to him?

BOSMAN said...


I wouldn't worry to much about Barbour having any influence over Christie.