Saturday, February 19, 2011

GOP Activists in Iowa divided on candidates

When I originally read the title of this article, I thought it might be a bash Sarah Palin piece. To my surprise, it was not.
A group of Republican activists were sorting out the field of prospective 2012 presidential candidates on a cold night....In a state whose caucuses will kick off the nomination contest, no one stands clearly above the others, suggesting that the competition here is as wide open as it is nationally.

To better gauge the early impressions of the Republican field, The Washington Post asked party chairs in two Iowa counties – suburban Dallas County, outside Des Moines, and rural Crawford County, about two hours to the northwest – to assemble local activists to share their views of the candidates. The groups, totaling 21 people, met on consecutive nights. 
Economic concerns dominated the agenda for these activists. The activists want a nominee who can deal with these fiscal and economic issues and who has the leadership skills to rally the country. This group of activist had the following to say on candidates:

Mike Huckabee:
Most felt that Huckabee was likable, jovial, and down to earth. Almost every person in the suburban Des Moines group offered positive words for Huckabee until Becky Ervin, who works in human resources, said, “I love the guy, but he’s not tough enough.” That prompted some revisionism around the room.
One person question his toughness to handle national security issues and called him “a pleaser.”
 Sarah Palin:
 “As a woman, and from one strong woman to another, I want to like her and want to support her desperately. And yet, you just can’t quite do it. I think she’s a great inspirational person. I think she rallies the troops. I don’t think she has what it takes to actually lead our country into a better economic future. . . . And that pains me, because I want a strong woman candidate, and she is a strong woman candidate. But she’s not the right strong woman candidate.” 
Mitt Romney:
“He has a strong business background, and right now we need somebody who can look at the economy and decide what the heck to do with it,” said Nancy Bielenberg, a registered nurse.

“He knows how to turn things around,” said Jacob Chapman, director of operations for a private ambulance company.

But the mention of Romney’s name also prompted numerous negative comments that added up to a significant lack of trust in him personally. 
Newt Gingrich:
Newt Gingrich, who has been working hard in Iowa, drew many favorable comments. “He is the brightest political figure I’ve ever met in my life,” said Ed Brown, chief executive of the Iowa Clinic. Others saw the Georgian positively as someone who knows his way around power.

But his two divorces troubled others. One person called him “unelectable.” Another said he was “not honest.” A third said he was so polarizing that he “can’t win the middle.” 
There was much more to this article. Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Mitch Daniels, and Michele Bachmann  were also discussed.

I guess the gist or bottom line to this article is, that according to these activists, the race in Iowa is WIDE OPEN!

The complete article can be read HERE.


larry said...

Boy these Iowa insiders had good and bad things to say about all the candidates.

I believe that Iowa is Palin's best chance at a 1st place finish.

My guess is if both she and Huckabee enter the race, they will cancel each other out.

Revolution 2010 said...

I agree about Iowa being wide open.

Being the early leader there doesn't mean very much.

ConMan said...

I think it's possible for Romney to still pull off a win there. The more the merrier in that caucus contest

Anonymous said...

I hope Romney doesn't hold back in Iowa and tries to win there.


bob said...

Iowa is a horse race. Anyone can win if they are willing to put the time in there.

Like NH, Iowans want to feel like the know you before they throw you their support.

Closer To Home said...

Just to heat up the discussion of primaries, FL is evidently not content with going in March or later, and continues to argue going 5th, after SC, acting as the set up for Super Tuesday again.

phil said...

I hope they stay 5th. I could the REAL race ending there in Florida.

BTW, that last PPP poll was a fluke.

BOSMAN said...

It would be great if Florida followed the 2008 schedule. Michigan as well.