Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egyptian youth: The Muslim Brotherhood is 'not that bad'

Let's hope for the sake of peace in the Middle East that this is not the sentiment of a majority of Egyptians. I have a hunch it is.

Courtesy of The Right Scoop:

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Pablo said...

This is a complicated subject, but I will post a comment from Anthony Shadid,

"It will undoubtedly moderate its message in a campaign, trying to appeal to the broadest constituency. The next elections promise to be far more competitive than the shams of past years, when many Egyptians simply stayed home. That emerging diversity may prove more uncomfortable than the head-to-head confrontation with Mr. Mubarak’s enforcers that helped define the Brotherhood’s appeal."

The Muslim Brotherhood will certainly play a role in any future government but they will have to compete with that "emerging diversity."