Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Berkeley, California: Home of the The Loonies

The city, home to the hippie movement of the 1960s, was considering inviting “one or two” detainees to live in Berkeley once they were cleared of wrongdoing and released from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba.
The resolution also would have asked Congress to allow cleared Guantanamo detainees to resettle in the U.S.
“We’re talking about a group of people in Guantanamo who have been there up to nine years and have never been charged,” commission member Rita Maran said before the vote.

What little sanity there is left in Berkeley, seemed to prevail. At least up to this point.

The full story is HERE.


Ann said...

Only in California could something as ridiculous as this even be considered.

phil said...

Just look at what that 60 yr old hippie. That's what 40 years of pot does to the brain.

Revolution 2010 said...

This city really is way out there in la la land.

zappo said...

The Peoples Republic of Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

I have some free advice to all Conservative and Moderate Republicans and sane independents living in California....MOVE. That state is a lost cause. Flee the sinking ship and let that state rot under Liberalism/Socialism.