Sunday, January 9, 2011

PPP Polling: Palin would lose by the biggest margin since Barry Goldwater

If the election were today.
PPP has polled the 2012 Presidential contest in a dozen states over the last two months and in 9 of those Palin would lose by the biggest margin of any Republican Presidential nominee since Barry Goldwater...or even further back. In a few of those states you have to go back to the days of Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt to find a GOP nominee whose margin of defeat was as great as Palin's current polling deficit.

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Guess Who? said...

Horrible......simply horrible.

Those pesky poll takers have it in for Sarah. Then again, maybe not.

I wonder when they'll write another truth, Mike Huckabee is the only Republican who is able defeat President Obama?

And her show was not renewed either. I'm sure she'll always have a home at Fox.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say anyrhing. PPP has said it all for me!


marK said...

"Mike Huckabee is the only Republican who is able defeat President Obama"

You think that if it gives you comfort.

Anonymous said...

Don't reload. Retreat.

illinoisguy said...

Palin sits at 11.5 on That's by far the lowest in a year and a half. What happened?

Michael said...

The last line in the PPP article is,

"In any event Democrats should be rooting like hell for Palin's nomination."


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has to be reading the writing on the wall! Sorry kiddo, you lost us somewhere between "I quit" and "Kate, don't you love bein' out here in the real America?"


BOSMAN said...

I'd say that this isn't looking good for Palin. But I'd only be repeating what everybody who reads this post is thinking. So I won't.