Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nancy Pelosi: Tucson murders were a tragic ACCIDENT.

I give this a 9.5 on the bizarre scale:

I don't think I'm surprised any more at anything she says. It's like she's functioning in some kind of alternate universe.

ACCIDENT! Nancy? I don't think so!


Anonymous said...



Noelle said...

I have to apologize for name-calling, but Nancy Pelosi is a complete idiot. How do the democrats allow her to be their leader in the House? She is an embarrassment.

Pablo said...

As much as it pains me to do this, I am going to have to come to the defense of Pelosi on this one. And the reason why is because I accidentally referred to it as an "accident" the other day on one of the other posts. When I saw it, I commented below my previous comment that it wasn't an accident. But people use the word "accident" in various ways. If I hear Pelosi argue that nobody is guilty for these murders then I will call her an idiot. But until then, I just have to assume that she inadvertently said accident.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Pablo - You are too kind.

Noelle is right on this one. Pelosi is an idiot...and this is only but one example as to why.

Bill589 said...

Pablo the peace maker. Normally, this is a great personal attribute, even one of the Beatitudes if I’m not mistaken.

But sometimes, you have to call an idiot an idiot.

Pablo said...

Lol. I very rarely agree with Pelosi, but I don't feel comfortable in calling her an idiot. But the question is: Does Pelosi think that the killer is not to blame or does she? I have a hard time imagining that she doesn't think that the killer is to blame. I could be wrong, but I just see this as an insignificant slip of the tongue. If anyone can produce evidence to the contrary, I am all ears.

OhioJOE said...

Well Pablo, if a certain other lady were to say something like that, I think you might consider it a stupid gaffe.

Anonymous said...

I find myself in quandary here...unfortunately I think this was a slip of the tongue but I also think Pelosi is an idiot. It's quite possible dementia is setting in.


Anonymous said...

BUT...I do fi dit interesting that Pablo doesn't feel comfortable calling Pelosi and idiot but he has no problem calling conservatives far worse.


Noelle said...

If this were her only "slip of the tongue" I might give her a pass, but she has historically said way too many idiotic things.

Anonymous said...

She could be an idiot-savant and the word accident could have been very intentional...why I don't know...probably because she's an idiot.


Anonymous said...

How do you say anything as the former House Speaker without careful consideration and deliberate usage of your word choice? With all respect, this is not like Pablo talking on a website. Her words have weight and influence, and she's been doing this a long time. We already know people across the spectrum see the world in hugely different ways. I don't believe what she said was an "accident," hehe.


Pablo said...

Let's put it this way-- Mike, do you believe that Pelosi does not think that the killer was culpable for the crime committed?

Pablo said...

And by the way, JR, I defended Palin over the Korea flap, because it was obvious that she had a slip of the tongue. I also have defended Palin over the tragedy in Arizona, because it is obvious that she had nothing to do with it. I am starting to back off my uneasiness about her targets. The more I think about it, the more I realize how stupid it is to get upset about it.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, you're right you did do that and I commended you for it.

Palin got caught in an accidental bad PR campaign for doing something hundreds have done before her. The hypocritical PC police are taking her to task because they disdain everything she stands's that simple.

Has this hurt her chances for 2012? Probably a little but probably only to the people that weren't likely to ever support her anyway.

Has the media taken up the arms of the progressive movement? YES!

Have they been hypocritical by not mentioning President Obama's phrases that are just as "bad?" YES!

Just because it's unfair I know that it will not change. My theory is that the "media" were so surprised by the 2000 elections and then even more surprised by the results of the 2004 elections that they collectively realized that they steer public opinion and discourse on an even higher level than they ever had.

In 2008, Obama was their man...their party's Reagan, their only hope since Kennedy and then what happens...Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska, of all places, storms onto the scene and makes the 2008 elections an actual contest...not again...not on their watch.

So, they decided to wield the power they realized they had and destroy her chances, they would pick apart every little detail of her life and every statement she makes.

And here we are. It is what it is...hopefully she is capable of turning around public opinion. I will say this...if any politician could overcome these odds...Sarah Palin is that politician.


GetReal said...

It may have something to do with the revelation that the killer was a left-winger. "This is a perfect example of why we need to throw those right-wing zealots behind bars! They are a menace to...what's that? Chomsky fan? Well now, let's not be hasty in our judgments. Unfortunate accidents happen, after all. It might have been that the dangerous, fully culpable firearm went off by itself - another reason we need to ban each and every one of them immediately!"

;) Maybe not, but this IS Nancy Pelosi.